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A Date with Destiny Webinar - Jan. 14th 7PM CST

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January 14 webinar

A Date with Destiny

Several times this year, Destiny will be activated by potent astrological aspects that cannot be ignored. You will be pushed to do your soul’s work. You will be reminded of the reason you were born and the karmic tasks that your soul reincarnated to complete.

Will You Answer the Call from the Universe?

We are all here for three specific reasons and a multitude of other smaller karmic lessons that pop up from time to time in our lives as the Universe sees fit to dole them out.

In this webinar, you will understand the three things your soul specifically came back to the earth to accomplish.

I will share specific dates these energies will be activated. You will likely feel the push weeks before. Something deep inside of you will sense the call is coming.

Let’s get ready! Don’t miss these meaningful and powerful times happening in the weeks and months ahead.

90 Minutes. $49

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