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Black Moon Lilith Webinar - Replay

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Are you someone who has talent and skills but your company take advantage of you?

Are you taken for granted or not appreciated by your mate, family or friends?

Are you overworked and underpaid?

Is angry welling up inside of you that you can no longer contain?

Before you get really pissed off and do something you may regret, tune into my January Webinar on…..

Black Moon Lilith

Lock your doors! Hang on tight….there’s a storm kicking up more than dust in 2024….and she’s more powerful than a Cat 5 Hurricane, figuratively speaking.

The first 6 months of 2024, the Black Moon Lilith is prepared to bring everyone to their knees!

Lilith is the female villian in the world of astrology and she will affect each and everyone of us in this new year for better or worse.

Find out

1.) Who and what Lilith is about. You need to learn about her as she is the shadow side of you.

2.)What she’s got planned for the world and us individually now through June.

3.) How you personally can use your Lilith energy to better your life and stand up for yourself.

After all, everyone has Lilith holding court somewhere in their astrology chart.

Lilith is asking you HOW WLL YOU FIGHT BACK THIS YEAR?

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