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Black Star Diopside Pendants with free shipping

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Black Star Diopside. Just in from the Tucson Gem show
Black Star Diopside with a star-shaped shine is called The Black Star. The shine of the star will be the energy that shines in your life. Black star brings one closer to clarity with divine communication. It is traditionally used to acknowledge knowledge of the past. If you look closely in in the light, you will see a star within the stone.
It will help you make decisions if you must make them within seconds. Rub the pendant to activate the energy and ask yourself the question outloud. The right answer will come to you almost immedialtey.
Black Star is amazing for anyone who does psychic work. It is the stone of tranquility and tolerance. It brings patience, stirs positivity, calmness, and mental discipline.
If you have faced or are faced with traumatic situations or a crisis, it will provide a calming effect and present tool/ideas to help you cope with challenging situations.
It will give you clarity to recognize new opportunities.

If you want to cut the energy cord with people from your past, especially bad co workers and bosses, this is a good stone to wear into a new work place. It will enable you to realize that you can and have control over your behaviors and whatever happens in your life, especially if you have suffered at a previous place of employment in some way or have been treated poorly. If you are experiencing problems with work now, you should wear Black Star to help you get out of that toxic work place and bring new opportunities of employment.

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