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Candle Manifesting Kit

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Your candle manifesting kit comes with 10 candles of all colors listed with instruction info emailed to you when you order... and a candle holder. You can choose to follow my instructions you will be sent along with affirmations for every intention from luck, to love, lottery, clarity, peace of mind, weight loss, peace in the family, to sell a home, to buy a home, to get pregnant, to dispel anger and much more. Or make your own up. There is no wrong way if your heart and intent are pure. But it is best to start the candle manifesting on the day I give you with kit, because those days are tied to the astrological energy that rules the specific day best to set your specific intention. You can use them over time and always have your candle kit on hand to use anytime to pray, affirm and send the light of your intentions out into the universe.

Set aside a few moments each day at the same time and in the same place for your candle manifesting for 3 days in a row. Early morning at dawn or later in the day at dusk is best.

I hope you enjoy your candle manifesting kit as much as I enjoyed creating it for you! -Maria

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