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Moldavite and Herkimer Diamond Ring with free shipping

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Product Details

You will get not one, but 2 Moldavite gemstones in this beautiful sterling silver setting!

Your ring will also include a center stone of a genuine Herkimer diamond that supports and enhances the energy the life transforming Moldavite.

These rings are adjustable but order size 7 for smaller choices and size 8 for larger preference.

Herkimer Diamond Meaning: Seed of Enlightenment

Herkimer Diamond is the manifestation of pure light. Emanating positive energy, it cleanses the body and conducts the highest vibration of life force. Revitalizing any space, it creates a protective shield against radioactive rays and other harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

This luminous stone is commonly used amongst energetic healers. Dissipating the illusion of separation, it harmoniously attunes you to the energies of other people. As a powerful amplifier, its prismatic crystalline structure magnifies the properties of other stones.

Herkimer Diamonds give the ability to focus energy and retain information. When programmed with loving thoughts and intentions, it stores memories that can later be retrieved when healing is needed.

Heightening psychic vision, Herkimer Diamonds enhance the experience of shamanic journeying and inner body awareness. Facilitating telepathic communication, it opens receptivity to the guidance of the spiritual realms. Awakening an enlightened state of being, it nurtures the connection deep within as the light of your consciousness grows stronger.


Moldavite is nicknamed “The Stone of Transformation” and is created from a meteorite that crash-landed 14.8 million years ago. It is believed to have crashed in the present-day Czech Republic, more specifically, the Bohemian Plateau. As you can imagine, pieces are scattered throughout the area and are found almost at random. The impact itself was estimated at six trillion megatons and is believed to have passed completely through the Earth's crust into the planet's core.

The history of peoples' usage with the crystal goes back to 25,000 B.C. to the Neolithic people of Eastern Europe. It was believed to be used as amulets for fertility and fortune and later was also discovered as arrowheads. When the famed “Venus of Willendorf” (believed to be 30,000 years old) was discovered in 1908, Moldavite amulets and cutting tools were found alongside it. The most common, and probably most known theory about Moldavite, is it being the Stone on the Holy Grail. The lore described how the holy grail was used to heal people and fully replenish and rejuvenate. Moldavite shares those very characteristics and has been proven to be as sought after just as much as Emerald throughout history.


Meaning & Energy

Moldavite is a crystal that radiates energy, and upon first touch, you can feel the warmth it gives off. This warmth is so common that it has developed the term "Moldavite flush". The "flush" sends vibrations through the body and will imbue the user in a light tingly sensation. Some new users say it is a little over-whelming and will take it off or out of there pocket periodically as they feel “lightheaded”. Its usually recommended to always have a grounding stone nearby when you first start working with it to help avoid Moldavite being too strong. Over time, the strength will be less overwhelming as you get used to the stone.

Crystal Pairings

Along with transformation, Moldavite carries properties assisting in protection, self-healing, and even cleansing. Some stones are known to assist with Moldavites energies in a number of ways. Using a Herkimer Diamond while working with Moldavite will assist and enhance third eye visionary experience. Combining these two will really amplify the strength and is highly recommended for use in meditation sessions. When working on self-healing, Rose Quartz is recommended to assist in opening the heart and allowing love and light to pour in. Moldavites strength makes this a must-have stone for those who are wanting to take the next step in transforming themselves.

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