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Elestial Quartz with free pink agate, purple agate or blue goldstone bracelet, free shipping

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Elestial Quartz

Deep Spiritual Healing Energy

Elestial quartz crystals are attuned to the vibration of the higher spiritual realms.

These crystals have an extremely high vibration that will help you to make a stronger connection to beings in these realms.

They are powerful stones to aid your spiritual growth, as they continuously receive spiritual vibrations.

***You do not need a huge stone. A small stone is plenty powerful. Anything bigger may be too much energy to handle.

-This allows you to receive an infusion of the love and light from the higher realms at a comfortable frequency.

-You receive the infusion at the level required for your personal growth and healing, without it impacting you in a way that may be uncomfortable.

Why Would You Use Elestial Quartz?

These high crystal energy stones are master healers that will assist healing on a deeper soul and karmic level.

They are an amazing catalyst for change and are powerful.

That way they can work on helping to dissolve deep karmic issues, at the level that is comfortable for your own spiritual growth.

Elestial Quartz crystals continuously bring in waves of pure spiritual energy.

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