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Garnierite palm stones are one of the most extraordinary gems I carry and I’m very excited to have these gorgeous pieces back in stock! If you seek to empower and embrace your own Divine self, this is your tool. The swirling variations of color in these stones are mesmerizing – they shift from various hues of greens, grays, and whites. The green coloring is due to the presence of nickel, and the brighter the green the higher the nickel content. Each one of these palm stones is like a tiny world unto itself, vibrant and alive as you gaze upon it.

The deeper magic of these garnierite palm stones

These garnierite palm stones can be used in acquisition and accumulation work. Whatever it is you are seeking, hold garnierite as you meditate on your desires. This will help you see what your path forward calls for in order for you to acquire what it is you seek, whether it is on an emotional, spiritual, or material plane. Garnierite helps you to honor magnificence in self and others. It does this by stimulating and healing the Heart chakra as this results in love for self which radiates outwards to others.

But what I have been told by the gemstone experts is this is the most powerful and luckiest of the lucky stones! Even more do than aventurine.

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