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Lucky Domino Pendants

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Lucky Domino Pendants
An ancient form of fortune telling consist of reading domino tiles which are one of the oldest forms of oracles in the world. Long before the tiles gained popularity as a game, they were used in China to foretell the future. Gypsies also used them in divination.
Today, I have pretty artist designed “Good Fortune” genuine domino tile pendants. All are one of a kind. On the front is a beautiful design and on the back is the domino with it’s own special meaning. These are not listed individually in the store. What you will do is place an order for a pendant in the store. I will then send you a photo of what’s available for you to pick from. You should pick five in order of choice, based on your intuition. Just as you would pick your own cards in a tarot reading, you will pick you domino. I will send you the meaning along with the pendant in the mail.

1) Pick 5 tiles as shown in the photo with all of the domino front tiles shown

Do this intuitively, just like you would pick tarot cards at a reading

2) Email me at askmariashaw@aol.com your top 5 choices then whichever is available I will send along with the meaning of the domino on the back side.

3) I will send you a silk cord to use or you can put it on your own chain.

Every pendant is a good fortune one of some sort. There are no negative dominos in this pendant lot. If you see one you like order now. By wearing the Good Fortune Domino pendant, you are affirming the positive message within the tile.
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