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Mini Monthly Forecast

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Maria's Monthly Forecast Reading

Order a few days before the first of the month or on the 1st of each month. The monthly readings are good from the day you order the reading until the end of that month. It is suggested you do not order any later than the 1st because you will not get the full 30/31 days. If you order in mid month, your order will be held until the next month and be sent out for the full 30/31 days.
She will cover two to three bigger aspects for the overall month such as new and full moons or eclipses, planets moving forward or retrograde and the sun's movement into a new sign. Minor aspects will be briefly mentioned. The cost is $55 for the reading. It will not include individual, specific questions. You can ask those in the one question reading available also. But these mini readings are great updates that you follow each day of the month so you know what to expect each day.
Note: You can order anytime of the month but if you order mid month or late in the month, your reading may not be sent until we get to the first of the month when Maria can research the upcoming aspects.. . Need birthday, time and city born
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