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Powerful 2024 Lions Gate Manifesting Oil Made on 8.8.2023 FREE gemstone manifesting bracelet!

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Made at the peak of the Lion's Gate on 8/8 at 8:08am

You can use this oil for up to one year; now through until July 28, 2024.

Every year on August 8th, there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gate Portal” or “the Lions Gateway”.

The Lions Gate Portal is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms. This astrological and spiritual gateway has roots that go back to the ancient Egyptians and for thousands of years has been observed and honored as a sacred time of activating energy and manifesting.

The Lions Gate Portal is marked by the abundance number 8-8, the Sun in the sign of Leo the Lion, and the rising of the star Sirius on the horizon.

Sirius is tied to the abundant qualities of the planet Jupiter, and offers a portal for manifestation, and a stronger energy to get what you desire than other times of the year.

As the star Sirius rises in the night sky, Orion's Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and comes closer to the Earth. Sirius is twice the size of the Sun and over twenty five times brighter.

This is why during the Lion's Gate Portal there is such a strong and powerful source of spiritual light available to all of us. The portal opens this Friday and we will making Lions Gate Oil under this amazing energy. You will apply the Lion's Gate Oil just as. you do any Pay me Oil but consider it an even advanced and more powerful blend than others. Wear it on your pulse points such as your wrists and brush it up into your auric field. Set your intentions throughout the next several weeks while wearing the oil. Wear it to job interviews, when manifesting, at the casino and anytime or anywhere you hope to draw prosperity and abundance.

The Lions Gate Portal WAS open July 28- August 12 2023, with the peak energies coming on 8-8. You can use this powerful oil throughout the year. It is good until the next Lion's Gate in 2024. Last year's oil EXPIRED so the strength of the previous year will wane once we enter this year's portal.

When this alignment happens, there is an intense surge of light and positive energy which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening. Light codes of ascension and evolution from Sirius, shower the Earth, offering us a new level of activation and opportunity for growth on our ascension journey.

The Lions Gateway energy helps you awaken your Divine Light and to manifest your dreams to a physical form. The Portal marks an incredible period of accelerated ascension and I want everyone to take advantage of it.

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