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Saginaw Cosmic Connection Convention Events & Meals

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Halloween Convention Sheraton 4 Points, Saginaw Mi

October 20-23, 2022


Check in 5p.m. Early Bird shopping

Sing along with Joe Lawson - 15 minutes

6:30p.m. Psychic Circle


9a.,m. Psychic Fair opens

9:30a.m. Welcome!

10a.m. Soul Contracts with Maria Shaw

Soul Contracts are agreements, that you entered into before you were born in this current lifetime. They include your choices in life experiences, events and circumstances as well as relationships.

To fulfill your soul contract there are some things that must be met. Sometimes we take an entire lifetime to do so. Other times, we move through the lessons and debts pretty quickly. You will learn to recognize when the soul contract has been completed.

To help you fulfill your soul contract, you have a spiritual guidance team made up of Spirit Guides and Angels, which change over time as your life unfolds.They send you signs and symbols to remind you about your contract and remain committed to your highest mission. We will reveal what to look for.

I will share the most important ages in your lifetime for the soul contract to be activated! These will be times you can complete it if you are aware and work at it.

-Other items we will address:

You can break a soul contract and I will help you do so in this class.

You can clear karmic cycles so they wont have to repeated.

You can negate ancestral agreements.



-Sign up for the Grab Bag Run (4 items in each bag plus genuine gemstone. Value from $30 to $230)

-Thunder and Lightening Coconut Bowl sale

12:30p.m. Break for Lunch

2:30p.m. Lift You Up! The information you get in this class, can be put to use immediately; to feel better, to do better and create immediate shifts and changes in your life.— Maria Shaw

3:30 p.m.


Designer Inspired Apparel and Purse Special; Choose from purses, hats, wallets, shirts and more!

4:30p.m. - 5:30p.m. Half Off Happy Hour! Special Table with new items only available for this 1 hour while they last at 50% off.

Plus selenite special starts now and runs until sold out. 5 items for $29.99. Some pieces we sell for $20 each so this sale is a must see! Selenite helps to cleanse your other gemstones. It’s used for peace and harmony, to combat insomnia, helps with meditation and more. Raises the vibration in your home.

5:30p.m. - 7p.m. Dinner break

7:30p.m. - 9p.m Crossing Over Gallery


10:30a.m. Jana Hedges - To Be Announced

10:30 a.m. Mikaela - Lady Goddess; The Art of Magic and Abundance



Pumpkin Shopping Spree

Lunch break

2p.m. Kristi Z.- Understanding the Numerology of Relationships

2:00p.m. Tisha - Decoding the Universe's Messages

3:15p.m. Raffle

Fashion Show

Pick 5 from fashion table with a Purse Purchase

3:30p.m. Debby Harden - To Be Announced

3:30p.m. Lily of the Light - The Faire Folk; In this exclusive class you’ll learn what fairies are, where they dwell and the all important do’s and don’ts of interacting with them. You’ll also learn the basics of fairy gardens and how they attract the wondrous fay!

5p.m. Raffle and Grab Bag Run

5:30p.m. - 7p.m. Dinner Break

7:15p.m. Costume Party

7:30p.m - 8:30p.m.Paranormal Hour with Jose Lawson

8:45p.m. Extra paid event, not included in you weekend pass

$25 Joe Lawson Extreme Séance


9a.m. $5/$10 sale table

10:30a.m. Ann Partynski - "Top 10" This class from a RN who has committed her life’s career to helping you heal naturally will give you the top 10 vitamin/mineral supplements to support you throughout your life. There will NOT be vitamins to sell. This is not a sales pitch. This is a class designed to share with you the vitamins and minerals you need to support healing and create longevity and good health. There will be some things you never ever knew about minerals too. Utilizing this information will make a huge difference in your life.

12noon . Kathy Tinglan - How To Recognize Signs and Symbols from your deceased loved ones. Bring your experiences, visitations and stories to class! Have you had an experience you need help in understanding, Kathy can help. She will discuss the various ways our loved ones in heaven attempt to communicate with us and what signs to look for, how to distinguish between your own hopeful imagination and a true message or encounter.

2;30p.m. Deana McLean - Energy Healing and How it Helps Your Mental Health. Learn tools and techniques to ward off sadness, depression and to keep your mental health in great shape! This information will be good to have to help yourself and others. Seasonal depression is right around the corner for many folks who live in mid Michigan, so get the tools you need here for this and so much more!

3:30p.m. Keeping Unwanted Entities and Energy Away from You with Maria Shaw

-How to know if you’ve picked something up in a crowd and how to get rid of it.

-How to know the difference between your own intuition and thoughts from others or negative entities that are trying to put things in your head.

-Why a handshake with someone can be a powerful energy exchange and how to shift the greeting into something else and at the same time protect yourself.

- How to make a spirit trap

Joe Lawson

Self Care Solfaggio

Join Joe for an uplifting and energetic shift, working with a three part healing solfeggio.$19.99 each day or $39.99 for all 3 sessions.


3:30p.m. to 4:45p.m.

Start with the 396HZ - Designed To release and remove fear and guilt. Helps removes worries and anxiety


9:15 a.m. to 10:30a.m.

417HZ I designed to facilitate positive change, dissolves emotional and patterns imprints from the past.


9:15 a.m. to 10:30

528HZ Transformation and miracles. The Love Frequency. This also repairs your DNA. Brings about miracles.

Please email askmariashaw@aol.com if you is the options are confusing and we can direct you to what is best for you to do.

Premiere Pass from Thursday to Sunday to all events and evening events (except Joe’s Extreme Séance and Self Care Solfaggio.)


$129 per person for July and August

$139 per person for September

$149 per person for October

Limited seating. Once we sell out, we cannot add anyone else.

Other options

-Two Day Pass (no evening event) $89

-One Day Pass $75 (no evening event)

-Thursday Night Psychic Circle $25

-Crossing Over Gallery $45 (includes free admission to the psychic fair all weekend)

-Saturday Night Joe Lawson Paranormal Hour $25

-Joe Lawson’s Extreme Seance $25

-1 Class pass of your choice $25 (includes free admission to the psychic fair all weekend.

-Joe’s Solfaggio Self Care $19 each or $39 for all three sessions

Special add on events

Not included in your pass

Saginaw Cosmic Connections Convention Meal Lectures

Sheraton 4 Points

Purchase whichever meal with lecture you wish or a package of 4 and save!

Meals in Pizzeria Uno banquet room on premises

Friday October 21, 2022

12:30 to 2pm Luncheon Lecture with Maria Shaw. $39

2023 Predictions. Find out what’s ahead in the coming year for all of the zodiac signs.

Gourmet Wrap Sandwiches

Grilled or crispy chicken, ham or turkey wraps

Salad with assorted toppings and dressings

Breadsticks and cookies

5:30 pm to 7p.m. Dinner Lecture $49

Intimate Crossing Over Gallery

Join Maria and her psychics for a smaller group with channeled, healing messages from loved ones in heaven.

All you Can Eat Uno Pizza buffet with assorted pizzas

Salad with assorted toppings and dressings

Ice Cream bar with toppings

Saturday October 22, 2022

12:30 - 2pm Luncheon Lecture with Ann Partynski RN $39

Nutrition, Longevity and Foods that Fight Anger, Sleep Problems, Pain, Anxiety and Stress. Ann will discuss foods that lift your vibration, stop stress and create a healthy energy. This lecture is not a diet plan but rather gives you nutritional tools you can use on a daily basis as part of your self care program.

All You Can Eat Soup and Salad bar includes assorted hearty soups

Assorted toppings, grilled chicken and dressings

Pasta salad

Breadsticks and cookies

5:30 to 7:00pm Dinner Lecture $49

Maria Shaw: The 7 Spirit Guides you Will Meet in Your Lifetime

All You Can Eat Pasta Bar with grilled chicken, Alfredo and marinara sauces

Salad with assorted toppings and dressings


Ghirardelli chocolate brownies

All meals include unlimited soft drinks and water

Lunch $39

Dinner $49

Reserve and purchase meal package that includes all 4 meals and save $10.

Regular $176. Prior purchase $166

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