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Secondary Progressions; A Forecast for a New Year

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Do you ever feel as if you've made a huge shift but can't put your finger on what's changed?

It may be you sign!

Every year your sun sign moves another degree. Based on taking 30 degrees in each zodiac sign into consideration, at some point your sun will move into another sun sign and you will take on the new energy of that sign too.

I was born 5 degrees Cancer on June 27th. In my mid 20's my sun progressed into the sign of Leo at 0 degrees. I noticed a big change in my shy, insecure personality and the need to stay close to home (Being a Cancer) and suddenly I became very outgoing, worked in TV News, moved, and started wearing lots of rhinestones (these are all Leo traits or associations)

My rising sign changed too and I soon found a strong desire to travel and study metaphysics (My rising sign went from Scorpio into Sagittarius who loves to travel and is known as the seeker of truth. Sag also rules publishing. I had 5 books published shortly after)

About every two years the moon in your natal chart will change too....then you will change emotionally! When my moon progressed into Gemini, I couldn't seem to make my mind up about anything! Gemini can be very indecisive.

This report emphasizes the cycles of the Progressed Sun, Moon, and personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars in your chart. You'll get a forecast for the year ahead too with this energy!

Just another great tool to add to your astrology repertoire and knoweldge!

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