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Spring Webinar Bundle - Recordings

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March 29, 2022, 7pm central/8pm eastern

Lift Yourself Up; How to Raise your Vibration to the highest frequency possible... IMMEDIATELY.

Specific tools, ideas and information you can use to improve your life and raise your energy to match the universe.

This is the class that has gotten rave reviews when it was taught live at the Cosmic Connections Conventions in Minneapolis and Michigan.

  • "This is one of the best classes you have ever taught, Maria. I have learned so many good things!" D. Minnesota
  • "I have tons of notes from this class with suggestions I can use right now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!" M. Michigan
  • "This information has changed my life already!" L. Michigan

Moods can be like the weather. We know when it rains that in time the sunny sky will come back—it’s just covered by clouds. Our moods can be the same way.

We all get down a little or depressed from time to time. We feel highs and lows and sometimes overwhelmed. This is not a class to diagnose or treat people who are clinically depressed. This is a lecture to help you get through those difficult days or hours when you feel hopeless or alone and can’t seem to make bit through. Maria shares tools, techniques and some really simple ideas you can put to use immediately. But even more than this, Maria shares how to raise your vibration using many techniques which is important when you are manifesting and want to live your life to the fullest.

$49 or choose the Spring bundle package for $99 and get five webinars for one low price.

April 4, 2022 - 7pm Central/8pm Eastern

GET READY! Something wonderful is happening in the heavens, which hasn't happened for166 years. It will affect you in a wonderful way starting next week! Get the information in this webinar.

A Once in Your Lifetime Experience

The Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction

From April 9-12, 2022, Jupiter will form a rare conjunction with Neptune.

This is fantastic news for all of us, and depending on your zodiac sign, it will reveal where the breakthroughs take place. Jupiter and Neptune in 2022 lift you up where you belong. We’ve not seen this cycle since 1856. Learn how to Make the most of it.

This will only happen once in your life, and it is happening soon. You’ve simply not seen lucky Jupiter, Neptune, the North and South Node of karma, all line up to work together to bring you benefits. Find out what this means and how it will affect your zodiac sign personally.

April 18, 2022, 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern

11 Archangels and Angel Messages

You have a heavenly support team that comprises of Archangels, These beings hear the prayers that are sent through the network of the heart and connect you to God. When you call on a specific spiritual master or archangel, such as Archangel Metatron, you are seeking for them to assist directly through using their gifts.

Maria will share Specifically what each Angel specializes in, what days and when you can invoke them easily and how to recognize the signs when a specific angel is around.

Maria will also channel messages from the angels during the last half of the webinar.

This webinar comes with a free angel gemstone bracelet

$24.99 value plus we will ship for free) $49. Or purchase five webinar for $99 and save $77 on the spring bundle

April 25, 2022, 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern FREE

Maria's 3rd annual Tucson Gem Show FREE!

This webinar highlights the best gemstones, crystals and offerings from the famous Tucson Show held in February. This is your chance to find out what the different crystals and gems can do for you and even purchase some of the offerings at discounted prices.

May 2nd, 2022, 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern

What’s Holding you down?

The Zodiac Signs and the Toxic People, Repetitive Patterns and Self Sabotaging Situations they draw……and how to fix them.

Our zodiac signs reveal so much about your personality, gifts and abilities. But do you know they also reveal repetitive patterns that can hold us back from achieving our true potential? Did you know that each zodiac sign can draw a specific type of toxic relationship? For example, Cancerian and Virgos easily draw Narcissist. There is so much information in this class, I can’t possibly list in all-in-one paragraph, but you will want to record this class or take notes. It’s a real eye opener. With this information, you can begin making positive changes in your life immediately!

Register here for individual webinars or take advantage of the Spring Bundle Sale- all 5 webinars for $99 Save $77 if you book all 5 in a bundle


  • If you cannot watch at the original time of airing, you will be sent a link to watch at your leisure.
  • We will need a shipping address for your free Arch Angel Bracelet. We will also ship it for free when you order the angel webinar or bundle.
  • You will also receive a free certificate for your choice of:
  • May 21/22 Minneapolis Convention Pass and Psychic Fair
  • August 14 Frankenmuth Michigan Crystal Convection and Psychic Fair.

NOTE: If you did not buy the 1st or 2nd webinar of this Spring bundle separately and choose to buy the remaining webinars for $50, you will not receive the free $25 gift. Only those who bought the 1st or 2nd webinar and choose to buy the remaining Spring Bundle will get the free gift.

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