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Summer Webinar Series

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Includes the following Webinars: Summer Predictions, Past life Lover, Crossing Over Gallery)

Plus 5 free

July 6

7pm central/8pm eastern

Sizzling Summer Predictions and House addresses with Maria Shaw

The months of July - September are hot when it comes to planetary action so I want you to be ready for all of the exciting things coming your way.

First of all, Although summer officially starts on June 21, The “Summer of Love” is ushered in on July 11. Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius (and rising signs too) especially need to tune in. But no matter what zodiac sign you are, you'll benefit from this beautiful and uplifting energy too.

Whether you’re already happily attached or single and ready to mingle….or if you’re looking to reunite with “the one that got away”, you're in luck!

These are just a few of the other highlights…there’s so much more I will share!

-All of us are waking up from a Karma Coma this summer! Learn how to grab the good karma coming back around and eradicate the challenges of past wrongdoings, pain and suffering. It’s time to understand the deeper meaning of why we might attract the same old circumstances repeatedly. Use this powerful summer energy to erase and release unwanted karma once and for all.

-The August Mercury Retrograde will be more critical than past retrograde. I will fill you in why and how to navigate it best.

-We have a solid chance to align with our life visions and make them a reality. There’s a specific period in which we will be able to uncover truths that we’ve been hiding from.

-Why this Lion’s Gate Portal is more powerful than most we’ve experienced in the past. How to harness the energy and be prepared for the good fortune it can bring!

This summer will offer us festive and social times. So no matter where you are at this point in your life, this webinar has something you find profoundly beneficial.

Because so many people have asked about my HOUSE NUMEROLOGY class, I will offer it along with this summer predictions class

August 16

7pm central/8pm eastern

The Return of Your Past life Lover

Is Your Past Life Lover in Your Life Now?

Maria Shaw

Maybe you don't even realize it....but you could be with someone “very special”, from a former lifetime. Perhaps you’ve connected years ago and are no longer together. Or, you may not have reunited…yet! Whoever was a husband, wife, lover or romantic partner in a former incarnation, may very likely show up in this current incarnation.

Reasons for the Return of a Past Life Lover

  • Unfinished Business or lessons
  • A Soul Promise or Contract
  • True Love.
  • A longing or deep desire to reunite
  • Karma
  • Let’s find out more in this intriguing lecture with Maria, who’s penned many books on love and romance the past 20 years.Thee will also be a guided meditation to reveal who your Past Life Lover is!


Or buy the bundle of summer webinars 3 for $99 and save $50!

(Summer Predictions, Past life Lover, Crossing Over Gallery)

Get 5 free too!

So order the entire bundle here!

August 25

7pm Central/8pm Eastern

Maria Shaw’s Crossing Over Gallery

Back by Popular Request. It’s been a while, since I have offered an on line Gallery with Messages from Heaven. I will channel and share heartfelt, healing messages from loved ones in spirit in this 90 minute gallery session. There is a Moon/Neptune “dance” happening today, astrologically speaking. This energy helps make it easier for loved ones on the other side to send messages through the veil and earthly plane.


Or get 3 webinars for $99 Save $50

(Summer Predictions, Past life Lover, Crossing Over Gallery)

Get 5 free webinars too

So order the entire bundle here

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