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The Ascension Class - Sunday, July 3rd

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You are Ascending Now! I bet you are feeling it too!

The Ascension Class

You've heard the term but what is 5D Ascension? We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution for mankind. The Earth is ascending through a monumental shift of consciousness into the 5th Dimension - the 5th Density. But there's much confusion about what this 5D Ascension Shift means. What is really happening and how will it affect you? There are over 61 symptoms you could experience during this shift; ranging from waking up between 2-5a.m.each morning, a change in weight, emotions, likes and dislikes. A feeling of tingling at the top of your scalp. A need to find your mission in life. A strong urge to move away from people; friends and family who you are seeing differently now or you no longer feel on the same wavelength. There are so many more. I will discuss what the 3rd dimension is (where we are right) and how and why our souls need to get to the 5th dimension. This is a very enlightening class. Your life will make so much more sense once you get this information!

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