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The Fairy Cross Stone

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Large Staurolite
Fairy Cross Stone
925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Regular $129 to $159 each
Yours for $109.99 with free shipping
Only five available

For centuries the Fairy Cross Stone has been highly valued as a talisman for good luck and protection. As a resemblance to a crucifix, Staurolite used to sit atop Church entryways in the Middle Ages. An old folklore t ties it back to its ancient name, Fairy Stones.

Staurolite activates and aligns one’s third eye, heart and root chakras all together. These energy points individually are extremely powerful, but when combined and working together at once, your spiritual path has no limits. This mineral helps by channeling potent energy down to Earth. With your third eye being so illuminated, you will receive messages and insight directly from your spirit guides. If you place this stone over your forehead and allow yourself to enter a deep meditation, your mind becomes filled with new thoughts, psychic visions and ideas. It's important to take action with this information and apply it towards your life.

Staurolite helps provide emotional protection and bring to light the inner strength one possesses within. Continue to wear your Staurolite piece and tap into its energy field when needed. This stone is an ally for life that should be called upon during any bout of sadness, tragedy, pain or confusion.

Staurolite is said to be particularly helpful in relieving stress, as it stops the wearer from overworking him or herself. Staurolite has always been carried around to protect the wearer against disease, accidents, and overall negativity.

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