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Winter Wishing Webinar - Nov. 28th

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Winter Wishing Webinar - Free Registration!

Get ready for the Winter Solstice with Maria Shaw

This is a free 30 minute webinar with information to help you prepare, indulge and benefit from the winter solstice that arrives in December.

Each season an astrological chart is made up. We call it an event chart. Just like someone getting married or opening a business, a chart is made for the exact moment a couple says I do or the doors open for a business. A chart is made for the exact moment that fall turns into winter; the winter solstice.

Inside this chart, we get a look at what the following three months will bring the world; what the winter will look like.

From an individual perspective, the winter solstice will being each zodiac sign something new to focus on and work on and manifest.

From a collective, the solstice will bring planetary shift, specific luck and challenges, weather patterns and an overall theme.

We are going to cover what you can do to bring forth the winter energy into your life.

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