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A Brand "New You" Emerges

A Brand "New You" Emerges... Every Two Years

By: Maria Shaw


About every 28 months or so, something pretty extraordinary happens to you astrologically. You will FEEL the shift although you may not always see it. You may change how you deal with things, what and who you care or don't care about, what you appreciate and even what you want from life. Let's say you are a pretty low key person, then bam! This astrological shift comes and you feel like making waves! 


In Astrology, we have something called the Progressed Moon. It's a great prediction tool for astrologers because we can predict some pretty cool things just knowing about this Brand "New You". It's also good for predicting relationships and commitment times in a guy's chart too. We all were born with a Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign but every two and a half years, that moon sign moves into the next zodiac sign that follows it and stays there for about 28 months and then it moves onto the next zodiac sign after that. So if you can't emotionally let go of an old love, your progressed moon may help you or if you feel depressed or stuck, when your moon moves into a new sign, you may feel suddenly "unstuck".


Your moon signs represents the hidden side to your personality and how you deal with feelings. If you were born with a moon in Cancer, you are naturally psychic, a little shy and very sensitive. But if your progressed moon happens to be in the fiery sign of Aries now, you will be much more outgoing, crave drama in  your life and be of a risk taker. You also may like the "chase" in romantic relationships.


From my standpoint, I can look at the movements of your Progressed Moon and predict which areas of your life are going to be the most active for two and a half years.  I can also tell you what kind of "mood" you'll likely be in and the Brand "New You" energy you will possess. When my progressed moon was in Gemini a few years ago, I couldn't make up my mind about doing anything! Joe would ask me what restaurant I wanted to go to for dinner and I couldn't decide. I wanted him to choose. Moon in Gemini makes one indecisive and non committal. It drove me nuts too not being able to make a decision but I was also more light hearted about things than usual. 


Many of your major life changes you go through have a lot to do with the position of your Progressed Moon. Your moon drives your feelings and how your react to things. If you'd like to know where your progressed moon is and more about it and what you can expect, you don't need to do a full phone reading with me, you can order a one question reading here and I'll record your answer back and send it to your phone or computer. Find out what the Brand New You feels like! Just ask Tell Me about my Progressed Moon here!

Find Yor Destiny

Find Your Destiny

By: Maria Shaw


Discovering what you are supposed to do with your life can be challenging whether you are 18 and fresh out of high school or 42 and going through your Uranus opposition, aka your mid life crisis. Or perhaps you’re nearing retirement and trying to find your niche.  Finding the right life direction is puzzling but there’s a way to gain a better understanding of what it is and when the best time to action hits.  Anytime your life direction changes, there is something in your astrology chart that triggers those changes. I can see several months or weeks before something big is about to happen…something new is on the horizon…some life changing scenario is about to play out.  The place that’s best for predicting major life changes is called your Midheaven. It is placed at the very top of your natal chart.  It also shows me where you “shine” in the outside world, what you will be good at, how best you can express yourself and the type of success that is promised to you. This is the STATUS part of your chart. When there are lovely visits from planets, you will grow by leaps and bounds, have wonderful opportunities in the outside world and could get married, get a job promotion or more. 

When challenging aspects hit, there could be trouble with your reputation, relationships and work. Your Midheaven is ruled by a specific zodiac sign. It’s a major clue to help me share what you were born to do and when that opportunity will be activated. You get several chances over the course of your lifetime for the Midheaven to peak. They come about every 12 years. But there are also other opportunities about every four years. Knowing when they hit, can help you push your luck and get on your destined path.

Your chart’s Midheaven can also reveal what type of career would suit you best, be easiest for you to excel in and make you feel emotionally fulfilled. Each time a planet triggers your Midheaven, a life change can happen.  A New Moon, Full Moon or eclipse on your Midheaven is a big trigger. These happen once a year instead of every 12 years.  Some of you may pass up opportunities because you don’t know they are coming and aren’t ready for them. But if you know ahead of time, you can prepare yourself and work with the universe.  Sometimes these opportunities can come when we least expect it.  The universe is always using planetary energy to push us on our destined path and do the work we were born to do. Everyone’s chart is different so I cannot not possibly explain individual charts here in this column. If you know where your midheaven is in your chart and when a planet will trigger energy, be aware! Write down the dates and be proactive a few weeks prior to the aspect. If you don’t know about your midheaven,


You can always order a one question reading from me and ask:

Tell Me About My Destiny Related to my Midheaven

In this recorded reading sent to your phone or computer

-I will explain your midheaven in great detail; how you can shine and what work you should be doing, natural talents and more.

-I will also give you specific times and dates your Midheaven will be aspected in a positive way for the next 3 years as well as its “PEAK”.

-I will also give you the times of the upcoming next 12 months that it will be activated by a new moon and a full moon.

Your Blind Spot

Your Blind Spot

By: Maria Shaw


Just like you have a blind spot in the rear view mirror of your car, you also have a "blind spot" in your astrology chart, which can make navigating your life challenging from time to time. You can thank Neptune for this. Neptune is a planet of illusion, deception, the unseen. Wherever Neptune is in your chart, you won't see things clearly. For example, if you have Neptune in the area of relationships, you may not see your partners clearly or you may draw addictive personality types. Neptune rules alcohol and drugs too so you would need to be careful of drawing partners with addiction issues. 


Whatever sign your Neptune falls in, could mean you are not seeing people born under that sign clearly too. Let's say you have Neptune in Capricorn in the house of love. Be cautious if entering into relationships with Capricorns until you really get to know them. If Neptune conjuncts or makes an aspect to another planet in your chart, you need to study it as well. 


One client I have, has Neptune conjunct his moon in Sagittarius. He doesn't see his mother clearly or his wife but he really had a hard time understanding his December 14th born daughter! He has a difficult time relating to most of the women in his life. In a man's chart, the moon rules his wife or romantic relationship. In a women's chart the moon can represent her mother and other female figureheads and sometimes her health. Some people have Neptune in their work or career sector of their chart. These folks make great actors and spiritualists. They work well in jobs that offer them the opportunity to be creative, psychic and in jobs without restrictions. Neptune conjunct your rising sign makes you elusive. People don't see you clearly or you may not see yourself clearly. You can hide your true essence from the outside world. You can often be misinterpreted. You have to be careful of obsessions. But you can also be very Goddess like and people may put you on a pedestal.


There are transits to Neptune that can throw us for a loop. Remember Sandra Bullock divorce to Jesse James a few years back? Neptune forms a challenging square to our natal Neptune in our chart around age 40-43. During that age period, Sandra was  ironically filming the movie, the Blind Side and at the same time, her then husband Jesse James was having an affair. She had no idea. She was blind sided. Not everyone at that age will be blind sided by an affair but there may be something they are not seeing clearly and then bam! Something out of the blue hits.

During Neptune Transits there are usually one of  three issues you may address:


Dissolution of some part of your life 

(work ends, relationship ends, etc)

Weird illness

Betrayal, or deception


Major  Neptune transits will hit at  these ages and they all bring different sets of issues.








For every negative there is a  positive and yes there are positive aspects to Neptune transits too especially if you are trying to increase your psychic abilities or expand your consciousness.  They can also reveal the Truth and help you see something you have missed. I try to schedule my Crossing Over Galleries when I have an aspect to my Neptune. I find I am very intuitive when the moon makes an aspect to my natal neptune each month or more. Neptune is always a part of your life. Trying to figure where, what and how it affects you, can be interesting. If you do not know how Neptune affects you or when it will create a major impact in your life, you can order a one question reading and request "Explain my Neptune?" I will tell you where your blind spot is as well as when you will have a major transit and how it will affect you. The reading will be sent to your phone or computer in a recording.!ask-maria/c161y

The typed version will not be as detailed as the audio however so it is advised you order the cheaper audio version. Type written slows the psychic process down and you do not get nearly as much information.


Horoscopes Aren't Right For You

Horoscopes aren’t accurate for you? You may be reading the wrong sign...

Start reading your rising sign is How Everyone Sees You! It’s Your Front Door

By: Maria Shaw


Most of you know what your sun sign is. It’s the zodiac sign that you were born under. If you were born April 2, you are Aries. But you also have a “second sign”. We astrologers call this your rising sign or your ascendent. It can color your personality, your direction in life, give you certain and special talents and more. But mostly, your rising sign is the way the world “sees” you. As soon as you walk in the room, people feel that energy first and you will look like that zodiac sign. So say you born February 1st and are Aquarius but say you have long beautiful flowing red hair….you may have a Leo rising sign. Leo folks usually have thick, reddish hair and or it is lovely and thick like Leo the Lion’s mane. But even more importantly, when giving astrological predictions, you must read your rising sign as well as you sun sign because your rising sign will be much more accurate. It’s based on the time of your birth and is a must for timing events in your life; like when you will get married, when you will get a new job and even win money!  The rising sign is the zodiac sign on the horizon at the moment you were born. Your rising sign can sometimes be more powerful than the Sun sign itself.  If you feel you don’t relate with your Sun sign, start reading your rising sign in the daily horoscopes and see if the predictions are more accurate. In order to find out what your rising sign is, I’ll need to know your time of birth. I can do your chart for you and then send you back a one question reading to your email or phone. I’ll tell you what it is and give you the characteristics associated with your rising sign and also make three predictions on good periods for luck, love and career! Ask here “Tell me about my rising sign!”

How Can Saturn Help You

How Can Saturn Help You Get Your Life Together

By: Maria Shaw


I write alot about the challenges Saturn brings but truth be told, it also brings some mighty big rewards once you've passed its tests. You need to think of Saturn as your teacher. It really wants you to pass the tests in life that it doles out. And it keeps testing you until get the answers right. Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius have been tested for the past two and a half years.
Saturn is a planetary force that breaks relationships, brings emotional challenges, presents unwanted circumstances and is a game changer. But it also can help you understand life and your destiny. So, no matter how unpleasant a Saturn transit can be, the end result places you exactly where you are supposed to be and rewards you with what you truly want out of life....even if you can't see it at the time.
Since Saturn has been in Scorpio these past two years I have been counseling a lady who has been in a terrible job situation. She was constantly worried she would lose her job and then eventually lose her house. She would call several times a month to schedule a reading as the stress was really getting to her. "I want to keep my job" she would say but Saturn had something else in mind. It knew what she truly needed. Saturn created even more challenges at work for her. But she refused to look at other options. She just kept saying, I want to keep my job! Well, Saturn just got her fired! Saturn then got her a better job and it came last week in the form of a position that was much less stressful, closer to home and with a little more pay. My client didn't really want to keep that miserable old job. Saturn knew she really wanted a nice job that she loved and it shook things up so she'd have to go out and get it! It forced her to look for a new position and it rewarded her with a good one. "This is the type of job, I've always wanted" she told me. Of course I said, "Saturn wanted to help you. You were the one getting in your own way!"
Saturn represents what you really want in life and helps you get it. But a lot of folks aren't really sure what they really want. Even though Saturn transits are difficult, they can shift your life in the right direction. Saturn will be out of the sign of Scorpio in mid September and then move into Sagittarius. So Sag, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo have a visit coming. But wherever you have Saturn in your chart, is where you have a test to pass and then your destiny happens. So rather than be intimidated of Saturn's visit, think about how it's going to help you in the long run. The challenges you'll face are actually going to get you where you need to go and what you really want out of life!
Each one of us has Saturn visiting a new place in our chart this September and for the next 2.6 years. If you don't know how this major transit will change your life, you can order a one question reading and ask How will Saturn in Sagittarius affect my life? 

I'll do your chart and report back through an email sent to you computer or phone. This will help prepare you for this life changing transit before it hits about five weeks from now.

Lucky Aspects Ahead

Lucky Aspects Ahead

By: Maria Shaw


Every year at some point, our individual luck changes from one area of our lives to another. This is because the planet Jupiter changes signs. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good luck. It's moving from Leo into earthy Virgo, starting August 12th, 2015.   

So the earth signs; Capricorn, Taurus and especially Virgo, get cosmic backing until September 9, 2016.  The future looks bright if you are one of these signs. If you were born when Jupiter was visiting Virgo, you will also have what we call a Jupiter Return and this is extra special because it's like having double luck! Not everyone has this aspect in their astrology chart

But each of us have Virgo somewhere in our chart and wherever it falls, is the area of your greatest luck for the next 13 months. I can't do everyone's chart here in this column but I will give an overall view of how Jupiter in Virgo will benefit society as a whole.

-Service Industry and the Health/Healing Fields will expand.

-Research and findings in medicine will occur.

-More volunteer agencies will sprout up.

-New healthy diet and self-improvement courses will be explored.

-Organic foods and products will sell well.

-More People will adopt pets 

-Many folks will look to help others in need

Depending on where you have Virgo in your chart, you could see a windfall of money or perhaps a new job offer. For some reading this, marriage could be on your mind. For others, they could find their dream home. 

Jupiter in Virgo, gives you the chance to really understand what it is you want and need from life. If you know what area of life you can expect good luck this year and next, you can push your luck and work with the Universe to attain your goals. Now you can also sit back and just enjoy the energy OR you can make something big happen! Good luck in this area of your life will only come around every 12 years. If a man has a moon in Virgo, it's likely he will want to get married under this influence or expand his relationship. If someone has a Virgo rising sign they will have to be careful of weight gain. But they also have some great luck in other ways. If you don't know where Virgo is in your chart, you can always order a one question reading and I will look at your chart and tell you where your luck will be, when it peaks and how best to work with these new energies. Just ask here How Will Jupiter in Virgo affect me? If you also want to ask that question for someone else, you can ask a second question for 50% off. But you must order the two-question reading at the time of the order.


Starscopers born In the mid 1960's stand to benefit in an extra special way under this influence as they can come into their own now,especially in the work place.

Exact Moment to Harness Good Luck

The Exact Moment to Harness Good Luck

By: Maria Shaw


Each year, either on your birthday, one day before or after, there is a magical moment that occurs at a specific time. If you know the exact minute it occurs, you can tap into a powerful energy and make magic happen in your life for an entire year.

It’s called your Solar Return. It’s when the transiting sun comes back to the exact placement/degree as the moment you were born. This is your REAL birthday astrologically speaking.

Your Solar Return chart also represents a picture of your entire year ahead. It’s like a map of what’s to come.


The exact magic moment is different each year and is based on the location you spend your birthday that specific year. Once it is calculated, you must plan to do something to harness the energy of that magnificent energy. No one else is the world may have the exact magic moment or focus as you do unless they were born the same day, time and in the same city. Yes, it’s that special!

I always make a point to research my solar return time, find a quiet place and read off a list of all of the things I want for my new birthday year. I pray, affirm and visualize these things at the exact magic moment. I have tracked my wishes and about 90 percent have come true!


Years ago I put on my Solar Return list, that I wanted ot get an agent to represent me. It's easy to get an agent to sign you when you are famous. But it’s almost impossible to get a PR rep or agent when no one has heard of you. But I put it on my list on June 27th. In October, a Boston client sent me a local metaphysical magazine and in it was an article about a Hollywood agent who represented psychics, healers and the like. I read it and took it as a sign. I called him and within a month was signed to his firm. From there, he got me my TV Guide Channel gig, The National Enquirer and Soap Opera Digest weekly columns  and other national television programs. He also secured radio and writing opportunities for me and I began a national tour. Impossible, most people would say. I thought so too but I worked my solar return; manifesting at the exact moment it peaked and it benefited me.


Another piece of advice about the solar return, is you must make a point to put only positive thoughts, actions and activities into your birthday. What’s happening on your birthday, effects your entire year. You should take especial note of the entire 24 hours not just the magic moment time. So if you are having a great day and enjoying what you do, it's likely the overall energy of your year ahead will be the same. If you are arguing with someone, having a miserable birthday and so on, your entire year could be filled with the same tensions. 


Also the people who are part of your solar return will be a part of your entire year. I make a point to call my friends on their birthdays so I am sure to secure my position in their lives throughout the year!


One of my friends spent her birthday with me a few years ago. The entire afternoon she complained about her husband. All day, she was telling me about how unhappy she was and how terrible he was. Well, I was still spending time with her over the next 12 months AND every time we got together she was still complaining about her husband!


Make sure you do something you truly enjoy on every birthday, set intentions on your magic moment, be with people who love you and that are positive. Make this day count! The energy influences your entire year.

What Does My Pet's Chart Say

What Does my Pet's Chart Say 

By: Maria Shaw


A strology plays an important part in your pet's life and also how they relate to you and see you.  f you have a fire sign pet like an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, they are probably going to be full of energy and need lots of exercise. Taurus pets like to eat and are creatures of habit. Pisces like to please you while Cancers pets want to nurture you. But be careful of hurting their extra sensitive feelings!

You'll have an easier time when raising your pets if you understand what makes them tick based on their astrological sign.  I've been writing about the role our Fated Friends play in our lives (see article here. You'll have to scroll down in last week's newsletter). But understand that our pets also have a karmic role to play too. How many of you feel a deeper connection to your dog than even to a human member of your family? Does anyone have a cat that feels more like a child to you than a four-legged furry friend? Did you find your pet under unusual circumstances or perhaps they found you?  


Your pets will show up in your astrology chart as to the role they are to play and the karmic tie they have to you. Pets give undying devotion. They really ask for nothing except food, water, shelter and a little love. But what we get back in return for a few small gestures, is pure unconditional love!  If you would like to know role your pet is to play in your life, you must have their birthday and I can do their solar chart and find out how the energy matches yours. I will be glad to do a pet reading and when you order, will include the following:

1) Characteristics found in your pet's birth chart (personality, drive, what they need)

2) Little secrets about them!

3) What their karmic role is in your life

4) What your karmic role is in their life

I'll include all of the above in just one question. A sk here What does my pet's chart say. You can include his or her name and what type of pet it is.


ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS PETS are fire signs. - Full of energy, high strung, bossy, fun loving, smart.


TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN are earth signs. They are grounded, don't like change, like to eat and hang out around the house.


GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS are air signs and these pets need communication and lots of social interaction. They like people!  


CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES and water signs and are super psychic and sensitive. They will be very loyal to you.  

Fated Friends

Fated Friends 

By: Maria Shaw


There is usually one person in our world that makes a lifelong impact on our soul. Even if they leave the earth plane or separate from us in some way, we hold onto our hearts and minds. Sometimes that "hold" on us is crippling. Perhaps it's a lost love. Sometimes it is uplifting. It could be a teacher who supported your dreams. At times our feelings for a Fated Friend if romantic, can be obsessive and consume us. But usually, our Fated Friend can be described as a bond energetically that time and space cannot diminish. Our good feelings toward that person won't fade even if we don't hear from them or see them for years. Sometimes, when we need that person the most, they will show up in our lives.  Or perhaps they are present for a single reason and then exit. Maybe they come around for a few years and then they are gone again and yet some of these folks stay and walk beside us as we experience this journey we call life.  They are not usually our husbands, wives, family or children, which, fall into another category. I call these people, "Fated Friends." This is a term I coined a few months ago, thinking about the people in my life and their true purpose. People show up over the course of our lifetimes to help us fulfill destiny. They are fated to find us. We can have many Fated Friends but there is usually one that makes a mark upon our soul that last until we take our last breathe. Think about it. You automatically know when you are in your last days; this person will be on your mind. Even if you have not seen your Fated Friend for years, you keep them close. Some other Fated Friendships may not be as intense as that one special someone but nonetheless ,play an important role in helping us fulfill out destiny.


A client of mine lost contact with her best friend Jean after graduation from high school. But they picked up years later when they both turned 40. My client was going through a traumatic divorce and Jean found her on face book. The timing was perfect. I researched my client's chart and found that Jean's purpose was to help her during her Uranus opposition also know as the mid life crisis. If it wasn't for Jean's loving friendship, my client says she wouldn't have made it through her challenges so well.


Another friend of mine could not stop obsessing over her high school boyfriend. He made a big impact on her life since he was the father of a child she miscarried and also was instrumental in helping her through her parent's rocky divorce. She recently ran into his parents while traveling and they were very happy to see her. Her "Fated Friend" went through a divorce and his parents want her to reach out to him.  The timing could not have been more perfect she thinks. I did their charts and it shows he was to teach her about her self worth and help her expand her courage to stand up to her abusive father. Whether or not they decide to try their hand at another relationship is up to them but these Fated Friends are brought back together to help heal one another from other detrimental relationships.


Another woman I read for often has a lovely mentor that helps her in the business world. Whenever "Karen" has a job loss or a crisis, her Fated Friend helps her find a new position or calms her fears about the challenging industry she is in. They don't hang out together or see each other often but when "Karen" needs help, she knows she can always trust her friend to be there.  Karen understands that Fated Friends serve a special purpose in our lives.


We meet so many people over the course of our lifetimes. Some make a major impact immediately by a kind gesture or such. Others, we learn and grow with over time. Sometimes, we are the ones who are teachers and other times we play the role of the student. Sometimes, we are the healers and other times, we accept the healing. Yes, you can have more than one Fated Friend as they can play different roles.

My friend Lisa D has been in radio for years. She is one of the kindest and most talented people who will ever meet. Long before I was a fixture on WIOG in Saginaw MI and in Lansing on 97.5FM, Lisa D kept trying to get me on the air. She was instrumental in securing my radio gigs all over the state of Michigan and elsewhere. She introduced me to the right people and from there I met more people and yet more. I don't see her as often as I would like but my destiny is to share spiritual information to the masses through media. Lisa D is one of my Fated Friends who has helped me for over 15 years fulfill part of this destiny. Many opportunities started and grew out of our friendship. 

If you have a special person in mind and want to know what their true purpose is in your life, you may get a reading about this. They will show up in your astrology chart as to the fate and destiny you share. You can order a one question reading from me and I will send it back to you via email. I will need the person's first name and birthday as well as your birth info. Just ask, "What role does my Fated Friend (add name here) play in my life?

Juno - The Goddess of Soul Mates

Juno - The Goddess of Soul Mates, Marriages, Love & More

By: Maria Shaw


Most people think of Venus as the Goddess of Love. Yes, that is true and she does a fine job playing that role. But did you know the asteroid Juno has a similar presence in your astrology chart?  And Juno is worthy of a serious look so as to better understand your love life. Juno rules the soul mate or perhaps more importantly, what we are actual need in a soul mate or marriage partner. Juno can reveal what type of soul mate we will attract in our lives, the kind of husband or wife we need and Juno can even tell us who we are likely to have your deepest soul connection with!

I'll be sharing information this Saturday in my New Orleans Goddess class. But if you are unable to attend, I'm offering a one question reading on your own astrology chart with details about Juno's affect on your personal life.


Venus will tell us what type of partner we desire but Juno shows us what type of partner we actually NEED. Yes, there is a difference! Over the course of your lifetime, you probably were attracted to someone that you really wanted to be with but for one reason or another, it didn't work out. You met someone else, made a commitment and then realized you got exactly the type of person you needed in your life. You can thank Juno for that! And for some of you reading this, you may have committed to your Venus person and then realized what you really needed was your Juno person. Again, Venus creates a desire for someone, but Juno knows what your soul really needs.


When Juno moves about the heavens, she makes impact with the planets in your birth chart. If they are good aspects, Juno can bring you true love, soul mates, commitments and more. You want to be aware of Juno's visits so you be on the look out for someone new to come into your life or if you are happily attached, Juno can create deeper and stronger bonds between you and your mate.


After studying the transits of Juno for my upcoming class, I found the day I met my husband, transiting Juno was trining my Venus at the EXACT DEGREE!

If you'd like me to dig a little deeper into your astrology chart, you may order a one question reading and ask "Where's My Juno?" I will also give you a little something extra and find the next positive Juno visit in your chart so you can be ready to enhance a current relationship or keep your eyes open for a new soulmate to enter your life. Ask here! What's My Juno?

Soul Mates vs Life Partner

Soul Mates versus Life Partner

By: Maria Shaw


Soulmate Relationship


*You feel a deep, spiritual connection to this person almost like you have known them for a long time.


*You have flashbacks or deja vu moments where you feel that you have been together before.


*You seem to understand each other and have a similar way of thinking.

*You may have similar flaws or habits, or you both had similar challenges during childhood.


*Your connection is intense and so too is the relationship. Often it can move from extreme highs to extreme lows.


*You feel in sync with each other even when you are not physically together. There may be a feeling of having to team up together to conquer something.


*You know intuitively what the other is thinking or feeling. You feel very in-tune and connected with their thoughts and actions.


*Your relationship is emotional, challenging and can bring things out in you that you didn't know existed.


*You may experience huge shifts and changes in your life when you first meet this person.


*Your relationship may not last forever but the love is always there.


Life Partner Relationship


*You feel attracted to each other physically and resonate with each others values.


*You enjoy getting to know each other and learn about your differences and similarities- everything about each other feels new and exciting.


*You get along like best friends- your relationship does not suffer from extremes.


*Your relationship is based on logical or intellectual decisions.


*You resonate with each others beliefs, ideas or religion/philosophy.


*You both feel a sense of financial and emotional stability by being together.


*Your relationship is based on being physically present and creating new memories.


*You feel the need to marry or start a family in order to 'cement' your relationship.


At different times of our lives we will need and want different types of relationships. When we are very young, we experience puppy love; admiring that cute kid sitting next to us in math class. As we grow we want other things from other relationships.

I have see in my private spirtual counseling practice that most people want a partner but for different reasons. We usually won't pick the same partner in our 40's that we would choose in in our 20's. Thats why so many people get divorced around their Uranus opposition from age 40 to 44. Or during their saturn return from age 28 to 30. The type of relationship we desire in our 50's is different than our 30's and so on.


Age 18 - 28 -Most people want someone they are sexually attracted to, someone who makes their heart flutter and can have fun with.


Age 28 - 38 - People are looking for a marriage partner and one to have chidlren with, build a home and family, create a life with.


Age 38 - 50- Looking for a soul mate connection. It's not neccessariy about building a home and having kids now, it's about having a deep connection. For some it's about not being alone and having security. But this age group, really is seeking a deep soul stirring connection.


Age 51-65 - Looking for a companion they can respect. Tired of the rituals of dating. Want to get down to business and committments. Someone to focus their energy on and have experiences with. A lover, best friend and playmate all rolled up into one. Most have raised their kids and its their time now to enjoy and focus on individual reltionships.


Age 65 -78 - Looking for someone who shares the same interests and values. Some people want to find someone so as they age, so they will not be alone. As they head into retirement years, they want a partner who  wishes to travel with them and enjoy activties. This is also a time when people reach back into their past and can recconnect with exes and people they have known many years ago.


Age 78 to 90 - A true companion who can relate! Someone they enjoy being with and trust. Living life fully together. Enjoy simply pleasures together. Taking care of one another and feeling connected to a special person.



In addition to these periods, we all individually have good, better and best times to meet a soul mate or life partner. These times are when you have a jupiter, pluto, venus or saturn transit in your life. They can come around every year, 7, 12, 15, 30 or 64 years. These types of transits are big ones. I had one in 2008 when Jupiter made an oppostion to my sun sign. That was the period I met my husband Joe. I backtimed this transit and found each time it hit, I had someone that would lead to a relationship of some sort. 

Some of these transits bring in fleeting romance while others can bring in long term life partners and soul mates. If you would like me to research your chart and give you specific periods for love, please order a one question reading here and ask When are my Lucky Love Times? I will give you at least five periods coming up in your life in the near or nearer future.

How my client got rid of horrible ex

Amazing Story - How my client got rid of a Horrible Ex

By: Maria Shaw


I got this letter from a client. I love it when people find gemstones really do have healing energy! They are natural gifts. Just as plants have medicinal properties, gemstones have special healing qualities too. Black Tourmaline is the best to remove and protect from negative energies.


Hi Maria!

I just wanted to share this with you because I found it very interesting. Several months ago I purchased a Black Tourmaline Pendant from you and began to wear it immediately. I was in a horrible relationship that I wanted out of very badly and my boyfriend at the time was the most negative and hateful person I've ever met. (Don't ask me what I ever saw in him, lol) As soon as I began wearing it, it was almost like he didn't want to be near me. If we were in the same room, he would stay on the opposite side of it. It was almost like he was afraid to even speak to me.

I also noticed the stone began to change, drastically. At first the stone was solid, polished, with no imperfections. Then it began to show white cracks. More and more appeared every day. I thought the stone was going to shatter at one point. Then finally I got the courage to leave him and he moved out. Now the story gets even stranger. The stone stopped showing signs of new abrasions. Slowly the stone started to "heal" itself. There are still a few slight cracks but they are no longer white. Its back to a beautiful black polished stone. I know the energy in my house has done a complete 180 but I never expected to see it with my own eyes like that. Needless to say, life is great now and my new boyfriend seems like the best thing that could ever happen to me! Also, I still wear the pendant.  Always,  Juli

Karma in Yor Birth Chart

Karma in Your Birth Chart

By: Maria Shaw

Revealed by the ringed planet Saturn. Saturn is called many things; the great teacher, the lord of karma, the most challenging planet and the planet that brings the most reward (after we do the work to earn it). Saturn will be different in everyone's chart because we all have different lessons our souls  have contracted to do in this lifetime.


Our Saturn lesson is something our soul decided to complete or work on before we reincarnated in our present lifetime. It is not the easiest lesson nor is it usually completed early on in life. This is mostly due to the fact that as youngsters we do not possess the skills and life experience to handle the Saturn lesson and also we need to expand our consciousness, knowledge and spiritual growth. As we discover what our astrology chart tells us (which is a map of our life), we can understand why specific themes keep coming up or why we have such a specific challenge or can't move past something. But out our chart also gives us a "way out" or a clue to our karma. We still have to do the work because its what our soul has chosen but knowing how, when and who can help our cause.

One of my clients has worked very hard in relationships. None of them over the course of her life has been pleasant but as she was counseled last month, I gave her specific things to work on to heal and help the karma. This doesn't mean she will always suffer at the hands of others. But she knows can change, learn and grow from these experiences. She can take a different path and make better choices and the last few days when I spoke with her, she is already feeling better about her love life than ever. She said a huge weight has been lifted.

For some folks, Saturn may be in their chart in the area of money. For others, perhaps they have karma with friends. Still others may be working off past life family issues. One should wear the gemstone Lapis during hard Saturn transits or when they are working on their Saturn  karma or even facing those issues. It will soften the effects of heavy handed Saturn.


Saturn revealed in your astrology chart can show you....

  •               What your greatest challenges are in this lifetime

  •               What karma would brought over from a former lifetime

  •              What limitations you face in this current lifetime

  •               How to remove these blocks 

  •               How to find success through fulfilling work

  •               Who you have a karmic tie with that is part of your current karma


Once you've conquered your Saturn lesson in this lifetime, Saturn will reward you for a job well done and that block will be lifted so you can receive your greatest rewards and not have to repeat the challenges again.

If you do not know how to interpret your chart, you can always order a one-question reading and ask Explain Saturn to me.  I will also give you times of major Saturn transits so you know when you can expect to work on your karma, meet those challenges head on and release them!

Your Karmic Calling

Your Karmic Calling

By: Maria Shaw


We all have a special contract with the Divine. I call it your Karmic Calling; a promise or decision you made when you reincarnated into your current lifetime. Your natal chart serves as the official map of your life and within it, shows the contract you made and the destiny you wish to fulfill. Everyone's chat has 12 areas that represent 12 areas of life. Each area, we astrologers call these "houses" are very important to interpret as they can reveal our past, present and future karma. Your Sun falls in a specific house and this is where you will shine in life. This is what you were born to do and where you have your greatest karmic calling. This shows the promise you made to the Universe.


This is also the area of life where you are expected to suit up, show up and do the right right thing. Whether you feel like it or not, this is the area of life, you are expected to fulfill your cosmic contract more than any other. It's a promise your soul made to complete...easy or not. It's the only way to know your maximum potential. You will never truly be able to reap the blessings and fulfillment in life without doing the work that shows in the House of Your Sun.


Let's say your 4th house is the House of your Sun, then the lesson here is all about home and family. You made a cosmic contract to work on building a strong foundation in this lifetime with a home base and a family unit. But somehow you keep missing the mark or the man to marry or the woman who wants kids. Perhaps you career is going gangbusters but you feel a strong emptiness in your soul. It's because you are fulfilling your cosmic contract. There's a strong need to get on your destined path, sometimes early on.


Children are notorious known for knowing what they should be doing. When you were little, what dreamed of being and told all of your relatives what you were going to do when you grow up, is likely what you are supposed to do!


So if you wanted to be a police man or work with animals or create things or be a famous singer, then perhaps you could have and should of. But its also very likely your parents and others pushed you onto a different path that they thought would suit you better. And if they had no clue what was in your natal chart, then they may have been steering you down the wrong road. For years you may have focused on things that kept you busy but were unfulfilling. At some point, you have or will be drawn back into pondering the cosmic contract you made. That's why people suddenly decide they don't want to continue with the career path they've been on or perhaps they want to move thousands of miles away or perhaps they don't want to be married anymore. They don't know it but the urge to fulfill the contract is pushing them to do so.


It's one thing to learn and interpret the details of the House of The Sun bit is another to take action and live up to the cosmic contract.

Knowledge is power. The House of the Sun will reveal you karmic calling.

If you haven't taken my astrology classes or don't know what your cosmic contract is, you may order a one question reading and ask What is My Cosmic Contract all about?


I'll research your chart and send you a recorded answer back to your email.

The Bad Fairy in Your Chart

The Bad Fairy In Your Chart

By: Maria Shaw


Eris, is the goddess of Strife and Discord and the sister of Aries (Mars; God of War). It was Eris who played a role in the story of Sleeping Beauty. Eric is the basic archetypal character in this fairytale; the Bad Fairy at the christening of Princess Aurora. She was not invited and cast her vengeance. In your chart, she can be a crazy, out of control female energy that causes you to get angry, to act badly when riled. If you are aware of your Eris, acknowledge and own her. This may make it easier to control Eris as she's a hard one to reckon with because she's the part of you that gets ticked off easily. And when your Eris is mad, watch out! 


Eris (ee-ris) not to be confused with Eros (Cupid)  is a small planet that can wreak big havoc. Each of us, no matter what zodiac sign we were born under will have Eris either in the sign of Aries or Pisces in the natal chart. She moves very slowly and will stay in a specific part of your personal chart for years. Thus, there is one area of your life that you are apt to have more strife and discord. Whenever it is aspected, you can easily lose control.


But there is a more positive side to Eris. Remember, she only causes trouble when she is not included. So you need to make sure she's invited to the party! You need to recognize the good she brings and use that energy she possesses in a positive way. If you exclude her, she will find a way to make her energy felt in a not so nice way. 


Eris shows us how important it is for us to take a stand for what we believe in. Ever got so mad over the principle of something? There is a side of our nature that can be troublesome and struggle for survival and respect. When you feel disrespected, you can bet your Eris will come out and defend you! Eric can dish out revenge like no other.


She is a warrior queen. Wherever she shows up in your chart is where you can easily get ticked off and are prepared for battle. She's also the part of life, you need to feel included in. For if you are dismissed, disrespected or worse, you are not responsible for your actions. Words come flying out of your mouth. Curses and threats! Uncontrollable actions cannot be explained away so we look to our Eris. She's the culprit! She's the part of us that can get so out of control, we wonder; What the heck came over us? But if included and reconciled, she will be your best friend when it comes to defending you. She is YOUR inner warrior queen. So remember to invite her to the party!

If you'd like more information on your own Eris and how she can affect your life, please order a one question reading and ask "Where's my Eris?"

The Magical Years

The Magical Years

By: Maria Shaw

When your ship comes in!


-Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

-R. H. Macy failed seven times before his store in New York City caught on.

-Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken secret chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times before a restaurant accepted it.

-Stephen King’s most renowned and first book, Carrie, was rejected thirty times before it was published.

- Tim Ferris, the man behind the 4 Hour Work Week, was rejected by 26 publishers before one gave him a chance.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, it only takes one YES to change your life. Success comes down to PERSISTENCE, taking ACTION and LEARNING from failure and some good Astrological Aspects...


There are peaks and valleys in your natal chart when you will have the most success. We get about 4 or 5 of these in our lives depending on how long we live. But there is also another aspect that will hit only twice unless you live to be 90 years old.


Everyone's astrology chart is different based on their soul's contract. Thats why some people become famous when they are 18 and others when they are 40 and yet, others later in life. Some people miss these peaks because they are not being proactive right before they come around. The peaks last a year to 2.5 years each time they hit. So its important to be prepared, ready and proactive.

If you'd like to know when the most successful periods in your life are along with details on how you can maximize the energy, Im doing one question readings. Just ask "When will my ship come in?

Your Personal Power Days

Your Personal Power Days 

By: Maria Shaw


Each of the planets in our solar system represent a specific energy or lucky attribute. Each one of us leans toward a specific planet which gives us personal power in an area of our lives. For instance, Mercury gives some of you a great mind and the power to really cut through the nitty gritty. If Mercury is the planet that you are the most connected to, you will have a gift for gab and be quick witted. You may also be very creative too! Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo but you don’t need to be born under those signs to have Mercury as your strongest planetary connection. Perhaps Venus is the planet you most associate with. If so, then you’re probably very charming, attractive and most people enjoy your company. Things could fall easily in your lap most days. When the planet you have the most connection to is the strongest in any given day, then you benefit the most and your power can really soar! You can accomplish a lot. You may even feel like the Gods are smiling on you these days. I call these Personal Power Days. And they happen several times a month.

As many of you know, in the study of astrology, there are seven key planets in our solar system; the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Of course Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are important but they do not have as much to do with your personal power days as they are “rulers” of your chart. This article is not about your ruling planet, it is about the planet you are most connected to. Many of you know that the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. But for the millions of Cancers out there, they are not all going to have the same Personal Power Days because they were born on different days and in different times zones.

You don’t have to plan your entire schedule around your power days but if it a good idea to plan your most important and major events around these days. Personal Power Days create more energy for success, because the planet you are connected to the most, works the best for you. It’s easier to co create with the Universe and achieve your goals when the energy is well connected. So if you want to apply for a job, you should do it on one of your personal power days.

Because there is no way I can possibly give personal power days for every single person reading this, I will be doing a webinar and offering this topic in some of my upcoming classes in Minnesota, Michigan and New Orleans. I will also be doing a webinar this fall on this topic as well.

If you are scheduling a phone consultation with me, be sure to include this in a list of your questions. If you just want a one question reading, you can order it here and ask What Are My Personal Power Days? I will research your chart and tell you when you can expect to be the most effective in four areas of your life; personal goals, home/family, relationships and work. This is just another reason I love astrology because it gives us so much insight we can use in our everyday lives.


Your Karmic Closet

Your Karmic Closet - The Twelfth House

By: Maria Shaw

The Twelfth House in your natal chart is often referred to by astrologers as the house of past lives, the subconscious and the unseen. I tend to call it your karmic closet because this is where your past life memories come alive. This is where your childhood experiences live. This is where your dreams, and your fears reside. When we focus our energies on this area of our lives, we can access our inner demons and our angels, and all between. In order to truly understand the mystery of life and why you are here, you must study and understand the 12th house of your chart. The mystery of the 12th house helps us discover our purpose. Folks who study the ancient art of astrology, know the magic hidden here and use the energy to meditate, tap into a higher power and call on their spirit guides and angels. It is an area of your life that is hidden from view to most people; your secret passage to the past and subconscious. Once a month for about two days, the moon visits your 12th house. This is the most powerful time of the month to enter your karmic closet.

This lunar energy gives you a chance to connect deeply to ancient wisdom and connect with your subconscious. You can tap into your psychic side more easily. It's a perfect time to meditate. Your dreams are more vivid and prophetic. The 12th house is the house of karma too and these two and a half days every month, give you a chance to create, heal, pay off and recieve karma. If there is something you need to work on karmically, it it will be presented every month at a time when the moon visits your 12th house. It is different every month. Watch for even the subtle signs as you can pay or recieve on these specific days. By understanding the grace of the 12th house, you can release old binds/chains from former lifetimes as well as embrace your current life purpose.


If you need help in revealing more about your 12th house, you can order a one question reading here. Just click ask; Tell Me about My 12th House. I will explain it in detail as well as give ALL of the EXACT days between now and the end of the year that the moon visits your karmic closest. I will also tell you who you have karma with or who is here to assist you with it. These days at powerful for many things and can help you see the TRUTH. We seldom take time to tap into our inner wisdom and subconscious. These two special days each month, allow us this opportunity.


Pointing You in the Right Direction

Pointing You in the Right Direction

By: Maria Shaw

Are there certain rooms in your home you naturally gravitate toward? Just a few minutes ago, I was telling Joe how wonderful the energy on the second floor of our home felt tonight. It feels so light, airy and like Springtime! I can hear the birds singing outside the big window, sit out on the balcony, do work at my desk or just sit on the couch reading. 


I spend most of my time on the second floor and he loves the first floor. So sometimes I have to force myself to move down there for a few hours. The first floor living room is very nice but I LOVE hanging out all day, working, watching TV and what not, on the second. 


Have you ever given thought to the notion that somewhere within your house, that your "energy" is off? Is there a space you especially love to be and gravitate towards? Let me ask you to ponder this too: Do you ever feel blocked and no matter how hard you try to achieve things, you're constantly fighting an uphill battle? Perhaps you are exceptionally lucky in one area of life, but not so much in another. I have many clients who are successful in their careers but their love lives are difficult. 


Here's a theory I've studied and shared with clients that can help them shift energy immediately... by just changing literally, their direction or where they spend their time!

I do Kua Readings which is based on basic concepts in Fen Shui. I calculate a client's Kua number which has some definite influences on luck, love, career, health and more. I can also see if someone is actually working against themselves and unknowingly attracting misfortunes, sadness and more. I believe that understanding the Kua, helps you to improve specific areas of life.


People are divided into 2 groups; the East and West groups.

Understanding one's Kau will help determine the best areas and lucky directions in life.


My reading is used to make energetic adjustments that are specific to who YOU are. I can tell you the best directions and locations in any room of your home or office and what you can do to bring more peace, love money, good health and success in your life.


By using your personal energy areas and by spending time there, or even just facing these directions when you sit down or sleep, you can reduce the stress in your life and create more luck.


I can identify the good and bad locations as well as the directions for the places you should spend most of your time.


Once you get your reading, you can immediately begin the energy shift with little effort on your part. You will also begin to sit in one of your best locations, while meditating to maximize your spiritual efforts. If you are a healer, psychic or therapist, you can do your best work in your positive location area. You'll notice right away the higher energy vibrations that radiate from the best spaces. You will also be able to avoid challenging space and spending any long stretch of time in one of your bad energy locations.


You can use a free compass download on your iPhone or Android if you do not know the exact directions of North, South East or West in your home or office. Making a habit to spend the most time in your best direction space, will activate your Life Force energy, attracting the things you want from life the most.


Here's just a few ideas you can benefit from

You should sleep with the top of your head pointed toward one of your good directions.


Your front door of your office or house should face one of your best directions.


Speaking of the workplace: In your office, sit at your desk facing one of your good directions to be the most successful in your career. If you are looking for work, sit in your home office in a positive direction.


Know the best energy rooms where you live. These rooms are where I am suggesting you spend most of your time, as you will absorb the highest energy there. Generally speaking, the energy in your home or apartment is more important than the feng shui energy in the office. If you're sleeping position is correct and the main door is facing a good direction, you will be okay. Everything should balance out. But if you want to enhance your good luck even more, you can tweak things in the other areas of your home. 


If you belong to the West group and your spouse belongs to the East group, you don't have to break up!  Choose which position you both will sleep based on the person who brings in the most money. The person who earns the most money gets priority in sleeping with the top of their head pointing to their best direction, in order to protect the family's biggest income.


Everyone has four good areas and directions for wealth, love, good health and personal development. We also have four unfavorable areas and directions which bring unfavorable energy and difficulties.


In summary, if you sleep, hangout or work, facing your lucky directions, and make your front door face those auspicious directions, you would be blessed with good luck in attracting more money, achieving success in career, good health, relationships and more.


I'll do one question readings this week, calling this specific one Point Me in the Right Direction Reading!

I'll need your complete birthday and gender and I will send you a recorded audio answer back that includes your lucky directions for the following:


Luck: success, prosperity, and advancement.


Health:  optimum health and healing


Romance: Attract or enhance true love, marriage and working relationships


Personal Growth: stability and positive growth


I'll go an extra step and give you your personal Unlucky Directions which include:


Obstacles: failure, mishaps, and problems with people and day to day life.


I'll identify the Five Ghost Area, which brings negativity, disagreement, gossip and quarrels.


Also I'll look for what is known in Feng Shui as the Six Killings Area which causes negativity in personal and work relationships. This may or may not cause legal issues such as divorce or lawsuits. But let's not take any chances.


I will also identify the Total Loss Area of your space. This is the worst location which brings sickness, despair and personal and business failures.


Just by changing direction, moving in the right direction and shifting the amount of time you spend in certain areas, will make a big difference in your energy, thus your life force energy. Remember, you want a strong life force because, like attracts like. 

Order your one question reading here and ask me to Point Your in the Right Direction!


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