Readings, webinars, event tickets for classes, reports, and one question readings are considered a service, not a product.


Do you have a short question or two  you would like to ask Maria? For only $40, Maria will answer one question. Ask a second question for only $20 more.

You'll have a response from Maria within 24 to 48 hours, depending on her travel/tour schedule. If she’s in her home office she will answer the same day! All one question orders are emailed as audio recordings. You may receive written responses for an extra fee also!


1 Question with Audio Response: $40.00 

2 Questions with Audio Response: $60.00

Maria's Monthly Forecast 

Maria covers the top 2 or 3 astrological aspects for the month in a 10 to 13 minute astrological look at the month. It will also include a day by day, play by play of the most meaningful astrological aspect for each day beginning  when you order the report. If you order the report late in the month, Maria will hold your order until the first of the next month so you get a full month's report. It's like a daily horoscope to follow!

Order a few days before the first of the month or on the 1st of each month. The monthly readings are good from the day you order the reading until the end of that month. It is suggested you do not order any later than the 1st because you will not get the full 30/31 days.  It will not include individual, specific questions; you can ask those in the one question reading . Maria's mini readings are great updates that you follow each month. 

Have a Personal Phone Reading with Maria!

Book your personal reading online! If you would like to organize a group gathering please call 586-995-6791. Maria accepts Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express. Maria will need your birthday, time of birth, and city born when you make your appointment. 

15-Minute Mini Reading $129 

Ask Maria 1 to 3 Questions depending on available time. 



30-Minute Mini Reading $159 

This is a condensed version of the 1-Hour reading 


Most Popular Option: Full Hour Phone Consultation with Maria Shaw $299

Maria accepts appointments 9 AM - 12 PM & 5 PM - 8 PM Central Time.

Other times can be scheduled by emailing

Here's what the reading includes:

  • Your numerology forecast for the year. The theme of your year and specific details based on birthday numbers.

  • Your astrological chart read covering all 12 houses

  • The 3 major points in your chart; sun, moon and rising sign explained

  • Predictions for you in the immediate future

  • Money issues; good years and challenging years for financial gain

    • Also ways to make moneyTravelNew car yearsBrothers and sister issues, Home Life, Family issues, Real Estate - Moving, remodeling, sales of land and property, Parents, Kids, Love Affairs, Best times to get pregnant, Hobbies, Work, Coworkers, Pets, Ex boyfriends and girlfriends, Weight gain and weight loss years, Health outlook, Marriage and divorce, Who's most compatible with you, Legal aspects, Business partners, Sex, Your partner's, money, Taxes, bills, insurance, Education, In-laws, Spiritual development, Long distance travel, Career peaks and lows, What career best suits you, Friendships, Past lives, karma and hidden things, Your soul's purpose and lessons, Signs you have had past life connections with, What you were in a previous lifetime, Lots of intuitive impressions will also be included, There is a period for your answers and questions. Your love interest/spouse/etc as well as any children and others you are concerned about can be specifically addressed in this reading as well.

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