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Tour Schedule

Note regarding seeing Maria at the Psychic Fairs

If you would like to book an appointment with Maria, she offers 30 and 60 minute appts that are recorded for a special rate. ALL phone APPOINTMENTS MUST BE PREPAID and booked online. You must call ahead at 810-631-6887 to book.



Minneapolis Psychic Fair and Convention

  • Doors open 9a.m. to 5p.m., $10 admission to the Psychic Fair

  • Readings and Healings start at $20 for 15 minutes

    • Convention Classes extra fee with Joe Lawson and Maria Shaw

  • Hilton Doubletree, formerly the Marriott Minneapolis Airport Hotel

    • American Way Blvd. Across from the Mall of America

    • (The hotel recently switched hands but it is the same place we have held the fairs for the past two years)

See Full Details in the store here.

Maria Shaw's Annual Halloween Cosmic Connections Convention

  • Sheraton Four Points Saginaw, MI​

  • Oct 24th - 27th

    • Psychic Fair runs 9am to 5pm each day - $5 fair admission

    • Almost 2 dozen readers and healers from many states

    • Readings start at $20

    • Convention Classes and Events 

See Full Details in the store here.

Michigan Psychic Fairs

$5 admission $10/$20 readings

10a.m. to 5p.m.

  • September 29

    • Frankenmuth Bavarian Lodge

    • 9am to 5p

    • $5 admission $20 readings with a variety of psychics

    • Gemstone and crystal shopping

  • October 24th - 27th

    • Sheraton Four Points, Saginaw MI

    • Annual Halloween Convention

    • and Psychic Fair

    • 5p.m . $5 admission to the fair

    • $20 readings on a walk in basis.

Convention passes and more details coming soon

  • Michigan Psychic Fairs - $5 admission $10/$20 readings, except with Maria whom you need to have a prior appointment with. 

    • Call 586-995-6791 to book yours. 30/60 minutes available.

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