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Note regarding seeing Maria at the Psychic Fairs

If you would like to book an appointment with Maria, she offers 30 and 60 minute appts that are recorded for a special rate. You must call ahead at 810-631-6887 to book.


  • Cosmic Connections Convention and Psychic Weekend

  • Mall of America, Radisson Blu

  • Two Days Only, October 10th - 11th    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  •  Spaced social distance seating, masks required

  • Cosmic Connections Convention, October 22nd -25th  -  Midland, MI - Best Western Valley Plaza

    • June Special.  Premiere Pass Buy one, Get one free 2 for $149!

    • Gets all classes, evening events, free admission to the psychic fair October 22-25.

    • Prices

      • 3 Day Single Premiere Pass $149 

      • 2 Day Weekend Pass; Saturday and Sunday $99 includes evening events

      • 1 Day Pass of your choice Friday, Saturday or Sunday $75 each day include evening event

        • 1 Individual Class if available day of $25 per person includes free admission to the psychic fair. Excludes Maria Shaw Money Class on Friday.

    • Maria Shaw Money Class Only October 23 - $55

    • 3 Night Evening Event Pass $89 (included with your premiere pass)

      • Good for Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening events
        Includes: Psychic Circle, Crossing Over Gallery, The Singing Bowls

    • Individual Evening Passes If purchased seperately. Includes free admission to the psychic fair on that day.

      • Psychic Circle $25

      • Crossing Over Gallery $45

      • The Singing Bowls $25

    • Psychic Fair only

      • $5 admission $20+ readings. Just walk in. No appointments needed

      • 9a.m. to 5p.m. all three days

    • Checkout the Lunch and Dinner options!!!!

  • Michigan Psychic Fairs - $5 admission $10/$20 readings, except with Maria whom you need to have a prior appointment with. 

    • Call 586-995-6791 to book yours. 30/60 minutes available.

Contact Maria

To book appointments with Maria, call 810-631-6887

Business Address : 1000 Bourbon Street #253 New Orleans, LA 70116

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