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Working with your 3 Guardian Angels, you can help call them into consciousness with Maria's new Guardian Angel Prayer Grid

You will be sent the 3 angel stones as well as the grid shown here. Your complete instructions are on the back of this card. Hundreds of you have taken my Guardian Angel class recently or have had the 3 Guardian Angel Names Reading already. If you know your angels' names, use these in the grid. This prayer grid can be used over and over again to invoke, call upon and ask your angels for specific blessings. I do this every morning when I wake up, invoking the angels to help men my daily journey and work with me throughout the day. I also suggest you do this in the evening before you go to bed and ask the angels to be with while you sleep. You don't have to follow my routine. You can use this pray grid as needed for special intentions. $23.00

If you don't know your Guardian Angels Names as found in your birth chart, you can order a one question reading here and I will send you back a audio recording. Here's more details on the Angels in your birth chart info if you'd like to learn more.

Angels Among Us
Guardian Angel Names Revealed in
Your Astrology Chart

By Maria Shaw
Many people ask psychics for the name of their angels or spirit guides. But did you know that you c an Find Your Guardian Angels in your Astrology Chart?

I was asking my angels today for a good topic to share in this weekend's newsletter and they told me to write about Angels in the Birth chart.

Many of you get astrology readings from me to get a forecast for what's ahead in your career, love life, health, with money and more. Some of you ask about your life purpose and past lives and how they affect you today. But it is also important to remember that astrology can be a strong and vital connection to your spirit guides and angels.

They show up in your chart too. Just as a relationship with a man or a new friend or a baby being born is revealed in your chart, so does the presence of your angels.

In fact, there are 72 Angels or Divine Beings, that relate specifically to astrology and our natal charts. Looking at your zodiac degrees, signs, planets or even units of time, I can tell you what Angels are part of your personal spiritual guide team.

When we reincarnate, we are born into a new life time with a list of things our soul wishes to accomplish. Our conscious mind may not remember but our soul does and it carries the energy of our agendas within. Many times, people feel alone on their earthly journey, but they are not!

As I teach in my classes, you have an entire spiritual guide team on the other side that is helping you to navigate your karma and daily lessons. Sometimes they will put people and situations in your path. Other times, they perform miracles and often send signs and symbols as to what you should be doing. Ever see the numbers 11:11? That's a definite sign you're angels are working with you. Your guide team is made up of spirit guides, angels, ancestors and even people you love you have passed over. Your guardian angels have specific jobs assigned to them in regards to your life path. They are with you at all times.

These spiritual energies show up in your astrology chart via the elements mentioned earlier. If you are aware of the angels assigned to you, can call on them to work with you. Angels can activate in us, the divine attributes that they embody.

In a nutshell here's how Angels are assigned to us revealed in astrology. Each angel governs over a 5-degree span in the zodiac, corresponding to the time when the transiting Sun travels through that area. The Angel ruling the 5-degree zodiac area of the natal Sun is called the Incarnation Angel and has the strongest influence in your life.

The Angel that relates to your sun sign degree is called the Heart Angel and has influence on your emotional nature.

Then there is the Intellect Angel influencing intellect and is associated with the time you were born.

These three Angels, the Incarnation Angel, the Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel, represent our Birth Angels, which have the most influence and connection with us.

By understanding your angels in astrology, you can open up yet another path between your birth chart and the spiritual world.

Once you know who you're three angels are, you can call on them specifically and you'll never have to question what your angel's names are again. The astrology chart is so rich with information. It's like a map of your life. Understanding it is key to becoming all you can be, not just in your everyday world, but on a spiritual level too.

If you would like me to research your astrology chart and share your specific 3 Guardian Angels, you may order a one question reading here and type in Tell Me About my 3 Angels. I will give you their names and their purpose as well as how they can help you. Now, you will know for sure what your angels' names are and who to call on for what you need!
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1- Angel Necklace, grid and angel connection activation spray. $116 value for $85. Save $31!

The handmade necklace is made up of 72 gemstones, beads and crystals that each correspond to the 72 angels in the Tree of Life

Wearing this necklace gives you the connection and the protection of all 72 angels. You will receive a flier with all of the angel names and crystals that they relate to.

The activation spray is hand made and contains essential oils that relate to the angelic energy. You can spray on your crown chakra (top of had) upon waking as you call upon the angels to be with you during the day. You can also do one spray upon retiringto bed in the evening as you call upon the angels to be with you as you sleep.

2- Angel grid and angel connection activation spray for $40 Save 10%

3- Angel grid only $23

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