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The “As Above, So Below” Bracelet

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The “As Above, So Below” Bracelet

Be in Alignment with the Universe at all times…..

Spiritual alignment is infinitely cosmic by nature. the entire universe’s energy is accessible to all. This bracelet with coordinating planetary gem stones, ensures perfect harmony and balance between you and the universe.

YOU are aligned to the Sun and capable of storing the energy of it. Your body is a conduit to the immense healing energy of our Sun. It strengthens, heals and purifies the body, stimulating brain function and aligning the mind, body and spirit. So when wearing this bracelet, think of yourself as the Sun and all of the planets rotating around you!

Opalite is symbolic of the Moon. It helps us get in touch with our inner world and heightens love, compassion and peace. It deepens our emotional understanding and allows us to experience love.

Picasso Jasper is a mirror for the planet Mercury. It empowers you to articulate your truth and find a creative outlet to express yourself more deeply.

Tiger Eye shares similarities with the planet of love, Venus. They both direct energy towards beauty, sensuality and art. This crystal calms you down during highly emotional times, reducing stress and negativity.

Carnelian is the harbinger of Mars’s energy. It’s associated with courage, will and magnetism. The orange gemstone awakens optimism, joy and passion in life and promotes strong, positive actions.

White Onyx highlighted by Red veins is the crystal reflection of Jupiter’s knowledge, spirituality and wisdom. The biggest planet in our solar system is a teacher, encouraging us to broaden our horizons. Harmonize the mind and spirit by keeping them in perfect orbit.

White Howlite represents the stricter teacher, Saturn. This planet’s energy, channelled through Howlite, promotes discipline, self-control and responsibility. It’s a supporting crystal, giving us the strength to persevere, to not be afraid to let go of the past, and to embrace change.

Sodalite represents the Earth, to help ground us and nurture us. It gives strength, stability and endurance.

Pluto is represented by Yellow Picasso Jasper; The calming crystal that help you discover inner peace. If things seem bleak, it will help you relax. Only in times of darkness do stars become visible.

Uranus is represented by Turquoise from Phoenix which helps us accept and embrace change as it comes for our highest good.

Neptune is represented by Frosted Agate to help us “see” from our senses, to feel deeply and use our dreams, psychic powers and intuition to guide us each and every day.

On the Astrology bracelet, there are 10 stones. The celestial stones heal your inner energy while the bracelet itself, with combining all of the stones together, amplifies your outer energy.

How to use it

While wearing the bracelet, you can recite mantras for balance: “My energy is always in perfect, divine harmony with the universe. As Above, So Below!”

You can also wear this bracelet with any other ones you have in your collection already. $49.99 includes an astrology forecast report (Value $35)

please send your birthday, time and city born and you will be emailed an astrology report for the rest of the year; a forecast transit

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