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Maria Shaw's Upcoming Events

  • Minneapolis Cosmic Connections Convention
    • Mall of America, Radisson Blu - Sat. - Sun., August 15th - 16th   9 PM - 5 PM
    • Psychic Fair both days, social distancing will be enforced. Please wear a mask - seating will be spaced out. 
      • $10 admission (includes free gift and lecture). ​
      • Just walk-in and pay admission at door or purchase advance admission 2 for 1 for $10
      • $20 readings and healing.
    • Attend our 2 day convention for an extra fee! $89, includes classes, workshops, crossing over gallery, psychic circle with an array of speakers, admission to the psychic fair 11 AM to 5 PM both days.
    • Saturday night  optional add on 
      • 5:30 PM $10 Joseph Lawson Chakra Balancing 

  • Saginaw Cosmic Connections Convention​​
    • October 22nd - 25th; Saginaw, MI at the Sheraton 4 Points
    • June Special - Premiere Pass is Buy One, Get One! 
      • ​Gets all classes, evening events, free admission to the psychic fair October 22-25.
    • Check out full details on Tour Page.​

  • Michigan Psychic Fairs

    • All Fairs run 11 a.m. to 5 p.m

    • $5 admission $10/$20 readings, except with Maria whom you need to have a prior appt with. 

      • Call 586-995-6791 to book yours. 30/60 minutes available.

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