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Welcome From Maria Shaw

Maria Shaw Moon Calendar 2020 - Final Ed

Maria Shaw's Upcoming Events

  • The Age of Aquarius & How to Predict the Year Ahead for Yourself - January 18th, 2020

    • $85 per person and includes lunch.​ New Orleans, LA

  • Maria in Minnesota

    • February 15th - 16th - Weekend Pass for $89​

    • Includes Saturday classes, psychic circle, and Sunday's admission to the psychic fair.

  • Psychic Fair - February 16th

    • Radisson Blu - Mall of America, 9 AM - 4 PM​

      • 10 admission includes free gift and lecture with Maria Shaw at 12noon

      • $20 readings - choose from a variety of psychic readers on a walk-in basis. Healers and Bodyworkers too! Over 25 people to choose from on a walk-in basis. Bring your friend!

  • Michigan Psychic Fairs

    • All Fairs run 11 a.m. to 5 p.m

    • $5 admission $10/$20 readings, except with Maria whom you need to have a prior appt with. 

      • Call 586-995-6791 to book yours. 30/60 minutes available.

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Maria Shaw's Enlightenment Cruise

Go Travel... on Psychic

March 1 - 7, 2020

Join the National Enquirer's Astrologer, Maria Shaw, to set sail for a 7 day spiritual journey in 2020 from New Orleans on Caribbean waters! Enjoy magnificent ports filled with mystery and history and be part of Maria's Enlightenment Cruise to indulge in these private classes:

  1. Maria's Crossing Over Conference Classes with heartfelt messages presented in this audience participation gallery session. Come with an open heart and an open mind to receive messages. 

  2. Maria's conference classes to predict the next 9 years of your life using simple numerology techniques will be presented. Maria teaches you an easy formula to predict your special personal year. Find out if this year you will be extra lucky or perhaps there is a move in your future or more?

  3.  Maria's Old Soul Conference Classes will help you determine your life's purpose.

  4. Other speakers will present on other topics also! Come and enjoy them all!

Cruises from $850

Full Payment for Conference Courses $100 pp and Cruise Registration $100 per person due by May 20, 2019. Conference Registration fees are non-refundable. Payment plans available. Final payment for cruise due November 15, 2019.

Call:  504-621-5372 or 504-491-4950 for information  or

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