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If government restrictions postpone any ticketed events, there are no refunds but you are able to get a credit for future events or have your ticket transferred to the next conference held. Same goes for premiere pass holders.
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Maria Shaw's Annual Cosmic Connections Convention Oct 24 - 27

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Maria Shaw’s Annual Halloween Cosmic Connections Convention

Sheraton Four Points Saginaw MI

October 24-27, 2024

Psychic Fair runs 9am to 5pm each day

$5 fair admission

Almost 2 dozen readers and healers from many states

Readings start at $20

Convention Classes and Events
Premiere Passes available but Extra Ticket charges not included in Pass are in Red

October 24, Thursday

Doors open at 5p.m.

Early bird shopping

6:30p.m. - 8p.m. The Psychic Circle; Meet the Psychics for an evening of channeled intuitive messages to the audience gallery! (Included in your Convention Pass)

October 25, Friday

8:45a.m. - 9:15a.m. Morning Meditation with Joe

$22 or included in All Access $79 Joe Pass

10a.m. - 11:30a.m. Past Life Lovers and Friends; Maria and Amanda

Perhaps you don't realize it but you could be with someone “very special” from a former lifetime. Whoever was a spouse, lover, family member, friend or enemy, in a former incarnation, may very likely show up in your current one. Maria discusses the reasons why past life reunions take place and how soul contracts are made. Amanda will lead you on a guided meditative quest to unlock past life memories and discover who’s who in your circle today.

12:00p.m. - 1:30p.m. Lunch with Maria Shaw and Char Savoie;

Ancestral Connections, Ancient Souls & Cosmic Contracts.

Our ancestors are relatives from many prior generations that both as actual people, lived and breathed, and at the same time are alive within us on a cellular level. Their karma, their DNA, their worries, thoughts, triumphs and tragedies live within us and affect our own choices and karma today.


Sandwich Wrap Buffet

Choose from a variety of delicious and healthy sandwich wraps with different meats and condiments

Dessert and Your choice of drinks; coffee, tea, soda or water.

All you can eat!

$49.99 for lecture and meal

2p.m. - 3:15p.m. Allie Theiss - Your Zen Zone

Creating A Wellness Room in your home!

How's this: Learn about Zen Zones, where personalized wellness space meet intuitive insight with Feng Shui. Discover a seamless integration of spirituality and customized wellness, enhancing your journey to personal well-being. Look for a room or space your home or even a corner! After this weekend, it’s time to start creating your own Zen Zone!

4p.m. to 4:45p.m. Char Savoie; Healing and Release Work

Ancestral Connections and Healing Part 2;

Ancestral healing is a process that involves addressing and healing the emotional and spiritual wounds that have been passed down through generations within a family. It's based on the idea that our ancestors' unresolved traumas and issues can continue to influence our lives in the present. This is part 2 to the luncheon held earlier in the day on the same topic.

5:15p.m. - 6:45 p.m. Dinner

Maria Shaw - 2025 Predictions.


Who will gain from the good karma they’ve created in the past few years and who must pay the piper?

Maria will share all of the positive things each of the zodiac signs can look forward to. Bring your notepads, because Maria will give you specific and important dates you need to know!


All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet

Choose from a constant stream of hand tossed famous Pizzeria Uno pizzas! Many different types will be available. All you can eat. So please sample as many as you like.

Dessert and Drinks (coffee, tea, soda and water) included.

$49.99 for lecture and meal

7p.m. - 8:15p.m. Evening Event

Crossing Over Gallery!

Come to hear healing and heartfelt messages delivered by the panel of talents psychic mediums from your loved ones in heaven.

8:30p.m. - 9:30pm. Joe Lawson Night Owl Class

Halloween Hypnosis

Deep meditation and light hypnosis creates a perfect setting to attract and release things in life you choose.

Three components to this class

Release blockages

Affirm and Attract

Stand In Gratitude

$28 or included in the $79 All Access Joe Pass


8:45a.m. - 9:15a.m. Joe Lawson Early Bird Class Pass

Morning Meditation with Joe

Create a personal alignment with the energies that the day and the Halloween season has to offer.

$22 or included in the $79 All Access Joe Pass

Track 1

10am - 11a.m. Setting up Energetic Boundaries with Minnesota’s Deb Heim.

So many times we unknowingly allow people to steal your energy or even if we give it willingly, we give too much of ourselves away. In this 45 minute lecture, one of Minnesota’s premiere psychics/teachers will share techniques and idea on how best to protect, safeguard and limit your mental, emotional and physical energy on an everyday basis.

Track 2

10a.m. - 11:15a.m. Terry Longtin

Human Design; Learn the 5 Energy Types. Knowing your energy type allows your life to flow easier. You won’t be swimming upstream! Each energy type has its own unique and distinct characteristic to draw wonderful opportunities throughout your entire life.

12noon to 1:30p.m.Lunch - Maria Shaw

Put a Ring on it!

One of the primary ways we create karma and manifest things is through our hands (actions). Our entire birth chart is reflected in our hands, which is why Astrology and Palmistry are deeply connected.

You should wear your rings on specific fingers to enhance and attract the things you desire in your life!

Based on the positions of planets in your birth chart and their corresponding positions on your fingers, you can touch the appropriate part of the finger, activating wealth, love, good. This practice helps honor, align with, and connect with that particular planet to assist you on a daily basis! Find out which fingers relate to money, health, good karma, spirituality and love. Then wear your ring on a finger that activates that specific energy. Maria gives you the lowdown this proven technique!


All You Can Eat Soup and Salad Bar Buffet with an assortment of toppings and several soups to choose from. Dessert and drink (coffee, tea, soda, water) included.

$49.99 for lecture and meal.

Track 1

2p.m. - 3:15p.m. - The art of Channeling with Tisha

Channeling abilities are psychic abilities. These abilities occur on a spectrum, ranging from common experiences like intuition and gut hunches at one end of the spectrum, to more rare experiences like trance channeling and out-of-body experiences at the other end. Learn techniques that you can begin to use immediately from an excellent psychic!

Track 2

2:00p.m. - 3:15p.m. MaryBeth Romach; Hope Heals, Creating High Hope

Hope is a cornerstone of resilience. Hope is associated with positive outcomes, such as post traumatic growth and well-being. Hope is more powerful than optimism because it involves a sense of power and motivation.

People high in hope, have sustainably better physical and mental well-being. They also tend to live longer and happier lives. High-hope people see, and respond to, the world differently, and they use their thoughts to focus on what they can control.

MaryBeth will share how to create High Hope within yourself even when all else fails. Learn how to channel Hope correctly and make the most of it!

4:00p.m. - Debby Harden; Manifesting with Grabovi Codes, for Money, Love, Health and more.

Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi invented these amazing codes in 1999, showing the codes can alter a person's electromagnetic field and therefore impact their health, wellness, wealth, and more. You can manifest your desires and make your dreams a reality, by saying the codes out loud while concentrating on what you want.

All things have an EMF and are connected through the earth’s electromagnetic field. Illnesses may be the result of a distorted EMF, and by playing a frequency (or saying a code), Grabovoi said can be cured. Debby will share the top 10 codes; the most successful for everything from money, to love to healing pain, losing weight, resolving family karma and much more.

5:15p.m. - 6:45 p,m

Dinner Maria Shaw Intimate Crossing Over Gallery.

Smaller group, more messages!


All You can Eat Uno’s Appetizer Buffet!

Choose from wings, boneless bites, pizza skins, mozzarella sticks, and shrimp & crab fondue. Includes dessert and drink (coffee, tea, soda, water)

$49.99 for Gallery and meal

7pm Halloween Costume Contest led by Mr. Halloween. Prizes awarded. Bring your best costume!

7:30p.m. - 8:30p.m Evening Event


Either Nurse Lyn or Halloween Game Show

8:45p.m. - 9:45p.m.

Extreme Seance Joe Lawson Night Owl Class Pass

$28 or included in the $79 All Access Joe Pass


8:45a.m to 9:15a.m.

Morning Meditation with Joe

$22 or included in the $79 All Access Joe Pass

10a.m. to 11:15a.m. Michaela - “ Spiritual Blueprint “

From birth we have to follow universal principles in this world. Everyone has a special blueprint genre. Find out yours in this informative class and how to best utilize it to make your life all that it can be!

12noon Luncheon with Maria Shaw

New Angel Numbers; with the challenges in the world now, new angel numbers are emerging. You probably see numbers in sequence often but you should now look for new numbers as the Angels and Guides are working with a whole new set of issues, concerns and opportunities never before experienced in society. Maria will talk of the traditional, popular numbers we have likely all seen as well as the new ones that are emerging and what they mean.


Delicious all you can eat BBQ Chicken with all of the fixings!

Dessert and Drink (coffee, team soda, water) included

$49.99 for lecture and meal.

2:00 - 3:15p.m. Tricia B. Movement Medicine and Vocal Exercises for Healing.

Learn simple exercises anyone can easily do from a sitting position to heal the body. Learn vocal exercises that activate the throat chakra and help you to speak your truth and clear away blockages as well as provide healing energies throughout all of your energy fields. A must for everyone to attend…as this information is something you will benefit from for the rest of your life!

Sheraton 4 Points has Maria Shaw rates for overnight sleeping rooms

Call 517-790-5050


Extreme Premiere Pass $199.99

Includes all Classes and Evening Events and all 5 Meals with Lectures (Save $250). Does not include Joe Lawson’s events. Limited to the first 25 people who register!

Premiere Pass $159.99

Includes all classes and evening events except for Joe Lawson’s events and meals with lectures.

Individual Evening Events

(Includes free admission to the Psychic fair)

Thursday October 24 Psychic Circle $25

Friday October 25 Crossing Over Gallery $49

Saturday October 26 - TBD Nurse Lynn $25

Joe Lawson Events

All Access Joe Pass $79. Save $43 with the Pass!

Includes 3 Morning meditations, Halloween Hypnosis and Extreme Seance.

Individual Joe Lawson Classes

Friday Morning Meditation. $22

Saturday Morning Meditation $22

Sunday Morning Meditation $22

Halloween Hypnosis $28

Extreme Seance $28

Individual Daytime Classes

$25 each (Doesn’t not include meals with lectures)

Includes Free Admission to the Psychic Fair

Type the Class You want here___________

Day Passes (Doesn’t include evening events)

Includes psychic fair admission

Choose 1 Day Pass__________$55

Choose 2 Day Pass ______$110

Choose 3 Day Pass_______$159

Premiere Pass (Thursday night through Sunday afternoon) $159.99

Premiere pass doesn’t include Joe Lawson events or meals with lectures.

Individual Meals with Lecture

Friday Luncheon $49.99

Saturday Luncheon $49.99

Sunday Luncheon $49.99

Friday Dinner $49.99

Saturday Dinner $49.99

No refunds but the tickets are transferable to a friend for the same weekend.

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