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Good Vibes Frequency Food Board

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Good Vibes Frequency Food Board - Please allow 2 weeks for production.

Please send your full name as it appears on your birth certificate when placing order. Each board is made for each person who orders

Good Vibes Food Boards designed exclusively for a Maria Shaw

These are smooth and polished just like cutting boards you find in the store.

They are made out of Poplar, which is a hard wood.

They measure 8”x8” and perfect for cutting up fruit and small veggies.

The larger circle is where the tensor ring is embedded, which is what’s responsible for the 528 Love frequency of each board.

The dot in the middle is from the crafting process and decorative.

These are custom hand made and infused with shamanic and reiki energy when made specifically for each person to align with their energy
$69 includes free shipping.

Attune the energy of your food with the divine love frequency of 528Hz. A Maria Shaw Special

Everyone these days knows the tremendous benefits of eating a balanced and healthy diet. While the food we eat is certainly important, the energy that is put into is while it was being planted, harvested, transported, stocked and purchased by you is also important. Every intention and handling of your food imprints it with energy and information. Depending on who dealt with your food and the mood they were in before it ended up in your kitchen, your food could be laced with all kinds of undesirable energies.

This is where Frequency Boards shine! Each board is hand crafted with hardwoods, love and a deep intention for the healing for specifically who uses it. The active element in each Frequency Board is the use of Tensor Ring Technology.

Tensor Rings emit the frequencies found in every board. This technology uses two solid copper wires that are twisted together and cut to a very specific length. When these twisted wires are cut, each end of the cut has a positive and a negative charge like a battery. When these ends are joined in a circle and fused together, it creates an inter dimensional healing vortex that never runs out of power. It is the specific length of the cut that determines the frequency that is emitted.

You will notice a circle in the back of the board. This circle is where the Tensor Ring has been embedded and sealed into each board. The boards you see here are vibrating at a frequency of 528Hz. This frequency is known to have a healing effect on DNA and has been referred to as the Love Frequency. This style of Frequency Board was made specifically for my Maria Shaw events.

Because they are individually made, they have to pre orders. They will. Not ship until they are made for you. We will have some at our shows in Minneapolis and Michigan but if you want one specifically made for you, please order one and I will need your full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate. It would take two weeks for our artist and craftsman to make these and Debby will ship out as soon as we can.

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