If government restrictions postpone any ticketed events, there are no refunds but you are able to get a credit for future events or have your ticket transferred to the next conference held. Same goes for premiere pass holders.
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Lansing Cosmic Connections Convention - March 4- 6th

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The Lansing Cosmic Connections Convention

Three Days of Psychic Fun and Spiritual Growth

March 4, 5, 6

Lansing Comfort Inn

525 Canal Rd, Lansing MI

Friday March 4

9a.m Check in and Psychic Fair Opens

10a.m. - 12noon Lifting Yourself Up with Maria Shaw

Moods can be like the weather. We know when it rains that in time the sunny sky will come back—it’s just covered by clouds. Our moods can be the same way.

We all get down a little or depressed from time to time. We feel highs and lows and sometimes overwhelmed. This is not a class to diagnose or treat people who are clinically depressed. This is a lecture to help you get through those difficult days or hours when you feel hopeless or alone and can’t seem to make bit through. Maria shares tools, techniques and some really simple ideas you can put to use immediately.

Lunch Break

2p.m. Lily Sending Blessing and Receiving Sacred Messages

Learn how to send positive energy and blessings to help people and manifest positivity. We all receive sacred messages. This class is designed to help you discern the messages you receive and where they come from. Through guided meditation learn what it feels like to receive a sacred message and how to tap into it at any time. Gain knowledge on who your messages come from and where.

4:00p.m. Tisha - The White Light and the Afterlife. What happens when the soul leads the body? Does everyone see a white light to the other side? Are our loved ones waiting for us? How about our pets? Do we connect with ancestors and angelic guides? Do we reassess our life and decide we want to reincarnate and when? There are so many questions and theories. Tisha makes sense of some of the most asked questions in this revealing class.

7:00p.m Chat with the Archangels - New and exclusive!

A gallery setting where our spiritual mediums channel and send messages from the four archangels; Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael

Saturday March 5

9a.m. Psychic Fair Opens

10a.m. - 11:30a.m. Jana Corinne Life Coach TBA

2p.m. Debby Harden - The Luck of the Irish! With St Paddy’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to discover ways to increase your personal luck with tips and tools to find your pot of gold!

4p.m. Lady Oracle Goddess -Ancient Mystical practices that increase the magic and abundance in your life.

7p.m Crossing Over Gallery

8:30p.m. PAID EVENT Joe Lawson; Extreme Psychic Seance. This is not included in your event pass but tickets can be purchased separately for $25.

Sunday March 6

9a.m. Psychic Fair Opens

10a.m Tonie - Scientific and Spiritually Proven!!!!!

For years the scientific and spiritual communities have been on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to crystal and gemstones healing energies. But this is changing! Join Tonie as she discusses crystals that scientists have recently validated have healing properties and more….somethng we in the metaphysical community have known all along! Join Tonie for this look at the proven evidence!

1p.m. Amanda Lynn - Finding your Yes or No. Using Your Body as a Pendulum. Amanda will walk you through exercises to energetically feel if you are on the right track or not. Learn to muscle test for accuracy. All of the answers are within yourself but now you can learn how your body can help produce the answers you seek!

Special Premiere Pass

$99 for the entire conference with all evening events, except meals and Joe Lawson’s Seance’

Individual Tickets

$25 for Joe Lawson’s Seance

Crossing Over Gallery $45 (includes admission to the psychic fair all three days)

Psychic Circle $25 (includes psychic fair admission)

Chat with the 7 Angels ($25 includes fair admission)

Overnight accommodations call 517 627 8381

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