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Maifanite; Helps Increase your Winning Streak, helps illness, peace and more... with free rose quartz Stone Bracelet with Purchase

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Maifanite To Boost Your Luck when Your Winning Streaks Fades


Use it when your luck is not stable or if you have lost your winning streak. Wear to when you can’t seem to catch a break or when everything you do, seems to be going wrong.

It is a gemstone to regain luck.


Maifanite increases your personal energy. In addition to purifying energy, Maifanite iteStone is a gemstone you wear to enhance your health during times you may fall ill. It is used to help you to recover from a weaken state.


It’s recommended for people who are easily influenced by their surroundings or easily accumulate energy. Some people are like sponges. They pick up everyone else’s energy.

Also wear it when you find yourself in toxic environments.

This Stone helps you to get away from drama and chaos. It’s energy helps return you, to a peaceful life.

If you want to directly experience the energy of Maifanite, please use it as an accessory like a bracelet, where it touches the skin, rather than carrying a piece in your pocket.

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