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Maria Shaw's 2024 Free Webinar Bundle

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June 26

Maria Shaw’s On Line Birthday Bash

7pm central/8pm eastern

Maria’s Annual Birthday Bash includes so many wonderful specialS, free readings for the audience, astrology and metaphysical musings and more.

This year Bash’s will highlight Surprise Gift Box Sales.

You are able to purchase a secret gift box of your choice.

Maria will open it on air, revealing all of the wonderful gifts inside the box.

The gift packages will be set prices of $29.99, $49.99 and $99.99 but their value will be double, triple and even quadruple what you pay!

The gift boxes will be filled with readings by Maria, gems and crystals, jewelry and metaphysical items you will love!

Maria’s Summer Signature Piece

Every Memorial Day weekend, I change my signature jewelry pieces to wear during the summer months.

I always wear a flip flop with diamond embellishment and recently have added a summer flower with crystal accent. So many people have complimented me on my necklace that I decided to offer a limited amount of these pieces for sale.

These are set in sterling silver and stainless steel.

July 26


7pm central/8pm eastern


Get ready to receive!

Maria Shaw; How to prepare for it.

Amidst the cosmic dance of stars and energies, the Lion's Gate Portal beckons as powerful energy opens before us and peaks on the auspicious date of August 8, 2024. We welcome the celestial alignment between Earth, Sirius, and Orion, forming a portal of enchantment and manifestation. But don’t wait until August 8 to engage in this potent power. Good fortune unfolds as the portal is activated starting July 26.

August 8

7pm central/8pm eastern


Lions Gate Activation Meditation

As a group, we will step into a portal when the dreamers, star gazers, and spiritual people of like minds unite, brought together by love and light, and a sense of something greater happening. In this meditative moment, we will affirm our opportunities for happiness, fulfillment and financial abundance in the here and now.

On the sacred date of 8.8.24, we embrace the energies of the Lion's Gate portal in their highest form for the highest good of us all.

August 11


7pm eastern/8pm central


New Angel Numbers

They are popping up everywhere

“Angel numbers are the universe's way of telling us what path we should take in life”. “They reveal divine messages that we need to hear, to recognize if the journey we are on is the correct one or the direction we need to go. They help us work with our heavenly friends to attract the things for our highest good.

In this webinar, Maria will explore the meaning of the most commons Angel numbers but also some uncommon ones that seem to be popping up, for the first time ever. With all of the changes happening in our world, angelic messages are changing too. Learn what to look for and what these New Numbers mean.

September 13


7pm Central/8pm eastern

Denver Gem and Crystal Showcase

With Maria and Joe

The huge annual Colorado Gem and Mineral show is almost over. Joe and Maria are back from their crystal shopping spree! Join them for the first look at all of the beautiful finds. Have the chance to make a purchase from one of a kind, unique items tonight. Learn about crystals and their spiritual uses to enhance your life.

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