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New Orleans Summer Class July 20, 2024

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New Orleans, LA
12noon - 4pm

July 20

$49.99 includes lunch

Maria and Joe host an afternoon of summer predictions (Bring your chart) and get for the Lion's Gate portal to open next week...building to the August 8 peak.

There's so much to talk about about what the last half of the summer holds and how it personally affects you!

There will also be a class on:

One of the primary mediums through which we create karma is through our hands (actions). Our entire birth chart is reflected in our hands, which is why Astrology and Palmistry are deeply connected.

You should wear your rings on specific fingers to enhance and attract the things you desire in your life!

Similarly, based on the positions of other planets in your birth chart and their corresponding positions on your fingers, you can touch the appropriate part of the finger with the thumb of your right hand. This practice helps honor, align with, and connect with that particular planet to assist you on a daily basis!

Joe Lawson will do a class on Earth Angel! Find out if you are one!

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