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Psychic Summer Weekend, Three Events in One Weekend - August 13th - 15th 

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Psychic Summer Weekend in Midland MI

Maria Shaw & Joe Lawson Events First Time Ever!

Three Events in 1 Weekend!

You’ll want to try them all

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 events. Your choice!

Midland Mi

Best Western Valley Plaza

August 13.14.15

Psychic Fair. Paranormal and Gem Show Weekend

Friday evening 5p.m. to 8p.m.

9a.m. - 5p.m. Saturday and Sunday

The weekend kicks off with the

Friday Night Exclusive Shopping Party

5:30p.m. - 8p.m.

$25 per ticket includes one complimentary drink of your choice and first dibs on the crystal offerings. You will also receive a gift certificate for $25 towards any purchases this evening only and free admission to all of the weekend events.

You will be able to shop the Gem Show before the public and get special discounted prices on many of the items.

*Some psychic readers will be available for readings. Premiere Pass Holders may shop early for free but are not eligible for free drinks or gift certificates unless they choose to purchase the $25 Exclusive Shopping Party Pass.

$5 admission Saturday/Sunday

Banquet rooms filled with crystal, gemstone, jewelry of all kinds from the famous Tucson Gem Show, held this spring. This is an amazing one stop showcase featuring an array of rough to polished decorative and collector pieces. Prices starting at $3 on up.

There will be classes and lectures on crystals throughout the weekend in your admission.


Saturday August 14

10:30a.m. Finding the Best Crystal for you; based on your needs and spiritual growth

12noon - Crystals to help you increase and tap into your psychic ability. Also those that you to relax, sleep and dream!

1p.m. - The Top 5 Crystals to attract wealth, prosperity and love. Working with the Money and Love Crystals. Manifesting crystals.

3p.m. The Healing Power of Crystals and Gemstones. Finding which crystals work best for which ailments and health concerns.

Sunday August 15

10a.m. Gemstones for Protection and how to use them correctly to maximize their powers

How to Build a Protection or Money Manifesting Grid around your home or office

12noon - Saturn and Jupiter Cycles and the Best crystals to decrease and enhance the challenging and the lucky cycles in your life.

2p.m. The Best Stones for your Zodiac Sign plus the best crystals for each zodiac sign to use this year to enhance their lives.

Saturday Evening August 14

Communing with the Spirit World; Crossing Over Gallery and Dinner

6:30p.m. - 8:30p.m.

Dinner with Gallery Ticket purchase $49

Enjoy a catered, home cooked meal and sit in on the Crossing Over Gallery where Maria and her group of gifted mediums share messages from deceased loved ones.

Pre registration required. $49 includes the gallery and dinner/dessert/drink.

*Premiere pass holders cannot use their free pass for this event because it is considered a meal.

Also There Will Be….

The Joe Lawson Paranormal Weekend

Friday night and Saturday night August 13 and 14

A paranormal investigation will be held at the hotel itself!

Historical and current accurate accounts of active hauntings at the Best Western Valley Plaza will be presented by the management and staff who have encountered strange, undeniable occurrences. A hotel wing will be shut off for Lawson Paranormal guests to investigate each night.

The history of the resort, built in the 1950’s is unique. Lavish parties, aristocrats and celebrities patronized the hotel; some in secret rooms where private and strange meetings were conducted. The hotel also has been the site of hushed tragedies; suicides, unexplained deaths, drownings and more. One chilling walk down the hotel’s darkened corridor last October, caused Joseph Lawson to dig deeper beneath the surface of this Midland Michigan hotel.

An impromptu investigation in January by his team of investigators supported his hunch that paranormal activity runs rampant here. Within minutes of connecting with the original deceased owner, a light bulb exploded and flung shattered glass towards the team. Strange knocks and noises occurred. Temperatures dropped drastically and intuitive team members felt fear from head to toe.

Management produced proof of hauntings, untimely deaths and strange happenings in old newspaper articles and eye witness accounts.

Lawson Paranormal will offer:

Friday and Saturday Night Class and Investigation $149 per person.

Includes free ticket to the dinner and Crossing Over Gallery Saturday night.

There will be a group lecture on the chilling and strange paranormal activity. Detailed accounts from locals on the history of the resort as well as paranormal disturbances will be shared.

Then later in the evening, it will be lights out, as you and your friends will join Lawson Paranormal in an actual investigation with team members.

If you are planning on staying overnight at the hotel, please call to make optional accommodation arrangements at 989 496-2700. The hotel is charging $99 per room. You do not need to stay overnight to participate in the investigation.


Friday Night 8p.m. - 9p.m. Lawson Paranormal Ghost Investigators Meeting.

Uncover some of the mystery behind the Resort and the true account of tragic, untimely deaths and chilling hauntings.

Joe will also discuss how to energetically protect yourself, what to expect from an investigation, how to identify spirits and tips on what to do and not do during your investigation. Questions and answer period too.

Because this is a Joe Lawson Event, Maria’s Premiere Pass Holders are NOT eligible to attend this event for free. Please purchase individual Pass for this event.

9:30p.m. up to 1a.m. Lights out and Investigation begins!

Note: For those you want to investigate longer, there will be an informal

Extreme Investigation. If you would like to continue your investigation after hours, you may do so as long as you are not disturbing your fellow guests who have turned in for the night. There will likely be a smaller group who will want to continue and you are welcome to do so at your own risk or with the group.

Saturday Night 9:30p.m. The Investigation Continues. Communing with the spirit world, the second night can be the most revealing as spirits have been summoned the evening before. This is your chance to investigate on a deeper level with more questions and a little experience under your belt.

Sunday August 15

Gem Show 9a.m. to 5p.m.

Psychic Fair 10a.m. to 5p.m.


Price Breakdown Call Maria at 810-631-6887 for questions

1) Best Deal! Entire weekend pass includes:

Gem Show Classes, Admission to the Psychic Fair, Crossing Over Gallery with Dinner and 2 night investigation $159 per person.

2) Lawson Paranormal Weekend $149 per person

Check in Friday


Friday’s History and Paranormal Class

Friday and Saturday’s Investigation

3) Maria’s Exclusive Friday Night Shopping Extravaganza Only

$25 includes one free drink of your choice and a $25 gift certificate toward any purchase Friday evening only.

4) Saturday Night Dinner with Crossing Over Gallery Only. $49 per person includes meal and gallery.

5) Maria’s Tucson Gem Show, Classes and Psychic Fair Saturday and Sunday

$5 admission. Get into both events for $5 total. No need to preregister.

If staying overnight at hotel, call 989 496-2700 for special room rate.

Premiere Passes are Eligible for free admission to the psychic fair and gem show, and Maria’s classes. Not eligible for Crossing Over Dinner or Joe Lawson events. If you would like to attend, please register and pay for tickets.

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