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Smudge it Out Kits.

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Smudge it out Kits

Come with everything you need to clear and cleanse your home, office or personal space.

You get $122 worth of items for $48.95


Smudge it out Tote

Instruction card on how to smudge

Sage oil

Palo santo holy wood oil


Palo santo clearing stick

Four pieces black tourmaline

Selenite dragonfly or freeform incense holder

Black lava bracelet


Mix water and three drops of sage or Palo santo oil in a spray bottle. Spray in area that needs cleansing.

Place a drop of oil on your lava bracelet to infuse it with protection. Wearing the lava bracelet will offer continuous protection to your energy field.

After cleansing your home of room, place the four black tourmaline in four corners of the space to seal in the good vibes and keep negativity from entering again.

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