The Circle 8 Walk, Infinity Walk Crystal Bundle

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The Circle 8 Walk.

To Help Ease Heavy Saturn Transits

Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer Sun Signs, Rising signs and Moon Signs should do the walk on a regular basis now through December 17 2020

Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo should do this walk from Dember 17 2020 - March 8 2023 on a regular basis.

Al other zodiac signs can do this when they feel stress and a needed relief from heavy astrological aspects.

This serves as an astrological remedy for Saturn. It is an ancient practice invented by spiritual gurus from India, called the “8 Walk” or “Infinity Walk”.

The 8 Walk, is where you walk in an 8 shaped pattern with specific crystals laid in the pattern.
Heavy Saturn aspects can make you feel restless and agitated. By walking in a Circle 8 formation, you are able to control that restlessness. The best time to do this walk is before you eat in the morning, on an empty stomach or later in the evening after you have dinner and not have had anything to eat for at least two hours.
Check the direction of the space you are doing the walk in and make sure you start by walking South to North ( you should be facing North). This means you will be walking towards and against the earth’s magnetic field.
Before you begin the walk, place one crystal on the outer rim of the circle at each of the numbers shown on the design here. So you should have six crystals raising the vibration of the circle 8.

Place the following crystals
Raw Orange Calcite on the Number 1 Spot (Integrates the spiritual realm with the physical. Helps you connect with inner joy and the ability to work through heavy karma in a positive way)

Raw Black Tourmaline on the Number 2 Spot (absorbs any negativity and road blocks to releasing karma, protects you on your journey.)

Polished Tumbled Rhyolite on the Number 3 Spot (Creates a bridge between you and your ancestors who want to assist from the other side, in helping you clear karma from past generations as well as your current karma.)

Moonstone on the Number 4 Spot. (Connects to deep emotions, psychic abilities and gives inner strength especially emotional strength. Also this is one of the best stones to increase and trust your own intuition.)

Polished Blue Obsidian on the Number 5 Spot.(Excellent grounding and protection stone. Aids in psychic communication and the ability to see through any blockages that limit you from working through karmic issues.)

Raw Selenite Stick on the Number 6 Spot. (Cleanses and clears the auric field. Recharges your energy. Soothes and provides a peaceful, calm energy. Aids in meditation.)

If you need to order the six Circle 8 Walk crystals, you can do so here.
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Other instructions
Walk barefoot so the different points of your feet are connected to the ground and your feet’s pressure points activate your internal organs.

Start walking in a clockwise direction for 5 minutes and then walk in an anti-clockwise direction for another 5 minutes
If you can do this once or twice a day from now until December 17, 2020, you should be able to influence and align all bodies (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional) to finish this specific Saturn lesson. If you can’t do this everyday or you miss it, try to do on Saturn’s day which is Saturday.
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