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Your Best Places to Live Report

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Your Best Places Report

I love this! Rather than you trying to figure out from a relocation chart, the best places to live or visit, this report does all of the calculations. Plus it gives you 200 of the very best cities for you, for love to career to happiness and more.

If you are a writer you’d want to move or at least spend some time in a city, that inspired your creativity.

If you are looking for love or hope to enhance a relationship, this report will give you the 200 best cities in the United States (or another country, if you specially choose one) for love and relationships Who knows? It may be the next town over? Perhaps you could travel there or maybe do a dating site search for that area. Why waste time looking for love in the wrong places when you’ve got cities with a soul mate waiting?

There’s even a list for Optimism and Opportunity! Things may drop in your lap in the specific cities listed.

If you need to be focused and determined, there are cities listed to enhance these traits which are great for long term goal setting.

Here's the list!

Love and Romance

Vocation and Career

Responsibility and Focus

Excitement, Fun and Instability

Optimism and Opportunity

Inspiration, Culture and Creativity

Family and Friends

Detailed Family and Friends (immediate family; spouse, kids)

Education and Communication

Because this report is so detailed and full of tons of calculations, based on your chart, it is $49. It never changes. This is your life list!

It's well worth your investment. If you are going to take a vacation, you choose from the list of 200 places you’d have fun in by looking at the places picked for excitement, fun and instability. But these cities with the unstable energy may not be a good choice for career or focus as they are suited better for fun! If you are thinking about moving somewhere but not sure where, get my report and then visit a few on the list and see if you like the vibe. I bet you will!

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